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Friday, 23 March 2012

Happy Birthday To Me (:

Turned legal on 18th. Spent that day in church then went home to study (end up lepaking in the end) Thank you everyone who wished me happy birthday! Frankly speaking, this year's birthday was kind of boring all thanks to March Block Test.

 Balloon from 9th Phobos House Comm. Was so unexpected! Was studying for Econs at the study benches and they suddenly pop up from behind with this balloon! I love them so much for the surprise!

 & this cake was from the girls after catching Hunger Games with 415 . Eating lunch halfway they pop up with this cake and sang happy birthday even though it was like 5 days after my birthday! I guess they bought it because it is purple? Hahahas anyway it's quite nice, just that the inside of the cake was literally frozen. I was biting pieces of ice.

Thank you Charmian my beloved mei for the 3 boxes of strepsils because I'm always falling sick and getting sore throat, losing my voice and all. And thank you darling for the 2 bears. I still think they look cuter without clothes (:

MBTS ARE FINALLY OVERRRRRRRRR . Although I kena slapped by all 4 papers, both H2 and H1, but it's freaking OVER .

Caught Hunger Games with the class after Chem paper. Rushed to cine to get tickets, popcorn and drinks. Missed the few minutes of the front part but it's okay! The nice parts were not at the beginning, mostly introduction of characters.

It's a very good show. If you haven't read the book, then don't. Read it after you've watch the show. Because if you read it before watching the show, you'll know what's gonna happen next and the fun is just not there anymore! Sat through the whole movie with tons of adrenaline rush. The movie's really really really good. Not a movie to miss!

Here's the trailer !

May the odds be ever in your favor

Since today is lepak day, I can re-make the blog so it can sync to my new email! Byebye I will miss you so much! Memories of the past 4 years have been there and it will always be. I will not delete that blog even though it contains all the stupid emo posts. Let's just hope this blog can be a happy one! ^^

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