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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

McCHICKEN for $1.90!

Had lunch at Whitesand's Macs after school today with Wynn since school ended early and we were starving like mad. McChicken for $1.90 only woohoooooooo ~ I'm a happy girl because it filled my stomach and I only spent $1.90. 

Went home to sleep after that because I was so damn tired. Fell asleep last night only at 2plus because I was so eager to read finish The Hunger Games even though I have already watched the movie and I know what's gonna happen. But the book was so good that I felt the adrenaline rush while reading. I actually downloaded an ePub of the book so I read it on my phone. Anyone wants the ePub can just give me your email address and I'll send the file to you! But first you must have 

iPhone/iPad/iTouch - Newest version of iBooks
Android - Wordplayer, FBReader, Aldiko (which is what I used!)
Computer - Mozilla firefox with the EPUBReader Plugin

School just resumed and my unofficial March holidays ended. Got back only GP paper 2 and Bio section B & C. Shall only post my results and see how demoralizing it is after I get back everything which is probably next week. 

The previous Sunday went to Pasir Ris CC to watch the annual Cheerleading Competition to support Shermaine in Rexaz Green. The team was so good, but competition was just too tough. She's so pretty ahh !! *Spazzzzz*

The overall champion this year was Singapore Poly Gusto A. They were really good! Here's the video! 

Super exciting! Can't imagine all the hard work put in . They fly until so pretty, fly up already still can spin down so nicely. *jealous* 

& all the other videos have been uploaded by this person ^^ -> zishen88

Everyone should watch and get a shock of their lives !!!!! *faint of excitement* 

Shall end this post with something interesting I saw on tumblr. 

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