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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Give thanks;

Finally found time to blog, although it's like 12.17am now on my computer clock. Had an eventful long weekend that I wanna thank God for - Church camp on Friday/Saturday and XLB steamboat buffet on Sunday.

The Good Friday event is called Buddy Me Please ! It's so cute I got to know a new sec 1 girl, KaiXin. She's like super ultra hyper like me YAYYY ! ^^ Then when we want to collect food, we must say "BUDDY MEAL PLEASE" Hahahahahas ! Spammed photos after the camp ended . Shall upload some here, the rest are on Facebook ^^

Picz from my camera;

Picz from my sister's iPhone app (Power Cam) - The effects are so pretty! ;

& we played Chubby Bunny, which I surrendered at 4 marshmallows . DARREL STUFFED LIKE 12 IN HIS MOUTH AND STILL COULD TALK HAHAHAS .

 & Linette got so bored she took a piece of worksheet to do;

Had early dinner at Crystal Jade @ Holland V on Sunday with family, they had steamboat buffet and free flow of Xiao Long Bao ^^

The place is like damn accessible because now got Circle Line . When you come out of the MRT you can see the building straight away . When we looked out of the window of the restaurant on the 2nd floor, we can see the mrt like right infront of us.  

Pictures of FOOD ^^

High class steamboat machine thingy, the controls are touch screen!

The prawns are just damn huge ! 

 Me, being a suaku, seeing red bean cake for the first time in my life. It tastes like potong red bean ice cream;

 This is the Chilled Osmanthus Crystal Jelly, but my family just calls it the glass jelly because it really looks like glass. Although it looks like kinda gross, it's actually quite sweet. & there's also abit of the goujizi taste ^^ 

& yes, the free flow of XLB *Drools* 

The buffet here goes by timeslot, we went for the 5pm to 7.15pm and the cost is like $23++ if I'm not wrong.
& Because my sister and I were lazy pigs who did not want to cook, we escaped to camwhore yay !

Oh yah, & daddy also likes to take photos HAHAS He's like super act cool;

The rest of the photos are on Facebook ^^ 
It's a place that I would wanna go again. The food's so nice that I was so damn bloated and almost puked LOL damn fail .

Got back PW results today, so proud of 11S415. We've got straight A`s. Thank you Mrs Loh for working so hard for the class, Thank you my dearest group mates (Ronnie, Athirah, Sofia, Nhi) for tolerating my nonsense, Thank you God for giving me strength and wisdom to complete all my tasks.

For those who didn't get your desired results for PW, it's really not the end. Do not ever give up now, because there are still 5 more subjects. PW is just a small part of it, & university admission will usually look at the content subjects + GP, so cheer up everybody! Work harder, and eventually you'll get there (:

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