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Friday, 6 April 2012

THG 30 Day Challenge - Day 1

I've finished reading all 3 books of The Hunger Games, and now everything in life seems like Hunger Games to me that I think I've gone mad! So I shall do this 30 day challenge yay ^^ 

Day 1: Your Favourite Character

There's no Team Peeta, no Team Gale, no Team Katniss.


Ahhhhhhhh *Faints* They better find the appropriate cast to play his Character in the next movie (Catching Fire) 

I was on Tumblr, and I saw the top 5 people who are requested to play Finnick. 

5th - Channing Tatum
Tyler Gage of Step Up, Duke of G.I Joe, Leo of The Vow

4th - Ryan Gosling
Jacob Palmer of Crazy Stupid Love

3rd - Alex Pettyfer
John Smith/Daniel Jones/Number 4 of I Am Number Four

2nd - Grant Gustin
Sebastian Smythe of Glee Project

1st - Ryan Kwanten
Jay Robertson of Summerland, Jason Stackhouse of True Blood

Frankly speaking, I don't mind who plays the role of Finnick as long as he gets a tan, wears green contacts and is hot. Most importantly, I just hope the cast can portray the character of Finnick properly (; *Seductive* 

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