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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

THG 30 Day Challenge - Day 2


Day 2: Your least favourite character

This character is the most hated person EVER - President Coin (Mocking Jay)

She sucks to the max although she's like the head of rebellion, president of District 13, who is perhaps, supposedly the most respected person because she dared to rebel against the Capitol. But there are reason why I totally hate her;

1. Coin hates Katniss, because she felt that Katniss is a threat to her. 
2. Coin didn't care about Katniss' welfare, she made her film propos and go visit districts even when she wasn't well
3. Coin killed Prim, indirectly, just because she wanted the kids of Capitol dead. 

There's just so many more. Once you read the book, you'll understand why I hate her so much. In short, she's just heartless and she'll do anything in order to gain power. 

& since today's post is so short, I SHALL TALK ABOUT CASTING OF JOHANNA MASON !

Johanna Mason, Tribute of District 7 who first appeared in Catching Fire, 3rd Quarter Quell. 
  • Age - Early 20s (Won 67th/68th Hunger Games)
  • Appearance - Wide-set brown eyes, short brown/black hair
  • Impression - Bitchy! Especially when she stripped naked infront of Katniss and Peeta because she hated her tree costume so bad. & I hope she'll be like damn hot x)
So I was curious on the casting of Johanna Mason because I did the casting of Finnick Odair on my previous post, so I went to Tumblr, Google and everything and so I noticed regular names popping up on random websites. Then I went to search for images of these actresses, and I went to find photos of them having short hair, to try to fit the description of her in the book. 

Kristin Bell (31 Year Old)
Beth of When In Rome, Nikki of Burlesque, Elle Bishop of Heros

Michelle Trachtenberg (26 Year Old)
Cast of 17 Again, Georgina Sparks of Gossip Girl

Mila Kunis (28 Year Old)
Lily of Black Swan, Jamie of Friends With Benefits

Naya Rivera (25 Year Old)
Santana Lopez of Glee

Frankly speaking, even though Naya is like in the highest demand, I would personally like Mila to play Johanna. I can actually see Johanna in her, especially in her 2nd photo, plus she can pull of the short hair look and still look hot. But I don't know how she'd look like if she's bald in Mocking Jay hahahas I think it'll be quite funny. And if I'm not wrong, she was the bitchy girl in Black Swan. Loved the acting ^^ 

Alex Pattyfer for Finnick Odair, and Mila Kunis for Johanna! ^^ 

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