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Friday, 6 April 2012

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Got back all of my results, Got straight U`s except for Bio.

Bio - 30% (I think)
Chem - 38.3%
Math - 21%
Econs - 39.2%
GP - 49%

Studied so hard for Chem and Econs, but maybe not as hard as the muggers in school though. Still got a U and it's just so demoralising. Felt really damn sad even though I did better than some of my classmates, but it just wasn't what I expected. But thanks to Kelly Clarkson for the song, and Sam Tsui's voice which always makes me feel better, I'm up on my feet again. So here's a song for those who feel so demoralised because of exam results.

This is just another hurdle that we've to get over. The finishing line is still far, and we've got to get back on our feet and run to the finish line (:

Moving on to the happy things in life;

11S415 have returned to the state of camwhoring ^^

Happy Birthday Danica ^^

& this photo is koped from Wynn's instagram because I don't know where else to get this photo LOL

Chrystal lesson conducted by our own Chrystal Ambassador - Amri ! ^^ LOVED THIS LESSON . Yay balloons ^^

30th March was Leon's Birthday, celebrated his birthday with the 9th House Comm, Paddlers and some of the other MJ peeps at Livia. The place is like so beautiful ! Super modern . Phobos got him super sexy boxers woohooooo ~ Lick Lick Bananas

Today's Good Friday. The day when Jesus died on the cross for us, to wash away our sins, so we may have eternal life.

Can you guys imagine the pain he suffered? Even one nail poked into your hand and you'll just cry like mad because it's so painful. Imagine nails on his hands, legs and the crown full of thorns on his head. Thank you Jesus (:

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