Snapshots of Life;

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Don't stop when you're tired; Stop when you're done.

Saw this on Facebook, and it speaks a lot to me. Especially during the period of time when I'm feeling so tired. I guess quotes like these are really impactful. How true. We do not let go just because we feel tired. We can take a break, but we must continue to finish what we've started. I guess this is responsibility, accountability and commiment.

I've been rather disappointed lately by some people out there. But to keep all these relationships going, I don't say anything. It's so painful, really painful. But I really thank God for putting friends around me who supports me no matter what happens. They judge, but this teaches me to grow. Everyone grows through lessons or criticism right? So I really don't know how does one grow if you don't allow anyone to judge you.

Thank you 415 for always being there for me. You guys bring laughter to my life. Without you people, I wouldn't have come so far. Especially the girls in the class. You people are always there to hear me whine and rant and scream at people when I'm down. Lending me a listening ear when I'm down. 
Cassandra - Always being so cool and talking sense into me.
Joeyee - Doing silly things and telling lame jokes just to make me laugh.
Hueyshyuan - A quiet girl, but says the correct things at the right moment
Amri - Lending me a listening ear, and end up whining with me (':
Angeline - Forever calming me down when I'm in a rage

Thank God for providing these girls in my JC life. Girls that would hear me out anytime, anywhere. Bitching together. Doing stupid things together. Teasing one another, Scolding one another for fun. I really wouldn't have survived without you girls. 

Especially this girl. Always available on twitter/whatsapp to hear me talk nonsense. Entertaining me even though the topic we're talking about is quite dumb. Being retarded with me. 

Yesterday, I broke down during GP lesson because I felt too mad, pissed, disappointed, angry at certain thing. Ran out of class to cry because I couldn't hold back my tears. & my dear housecomm/classmates came out to console me even without anyone saying anything. I'm really grateful for these friends that are so sensitive. Because I'm the one always so rash in doing everything, they are there to stop me before I do anything wrong or stupid. 

Thank you Athirah, Serene and Xinhorng (I'm sorry I couldn't find a picture of you :x) for being there for me (': Also, not forgetting 415 guys, a bunch of clowns. But that's what make me smile on bad days like this. 
Because of you guys, the house and my cheerleaders, I will pull through Colosseum. & we will work hard as a class to push our rank up for MYEs! Cannot be last 5 class already!! 

On a side note, a happy one. 

Congratulations to MSG for clinching silver for A Div this year. Really proud of you girls. Even though it wasn't champion, but it's the first time in MJC's history that MSG got into finals. 

Flag barriers, and behind is the school giving their fullest support ^^ 

Such a heart warming scene to see MSG so bonded
MSG with their silver medals ^^
For people who says that MJC deserves to win because of whatever reasons, I personally feel that it's anyone's game. It is true that Raffles' defence was crazy, but it was their strategy right? They didn't break any rule or whatsoever. And their player did score a goal. So there's nothing to argue about. But one thing that we know is that MSG fought like champions and they will always be champions in our hearts (':

Congratulations to MSB for getting into finals after triumphing over ACJC with the score of 4-0 and they will be playing against SAJC, competing to bring home that medal! Really hope no school events clashes with soccer finals so that everyone can go down to support MSB as one Meridian ^^ 

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Friday, 4 May 2012

Moving On

Finally got the time to update my blog. It's time to move on with life.

//Edit; Removed everything about the incident.


Been really busy in school, sort of injured my knee I don't know how. But at least I made JoeYee pass her 2.4km by 1 second with Ronnie and Wynn screaming at her WOOHOOOO~ Looking forward to PE electives where we can play games as a class. I remember last year I did fly bar, but failed terribly. It's actually just a more advanced version of pogo stick. Could only hop less than 10 times. Not easy! But at least I made new friends ^^ 
I'm like this clumsy fat bear that's gonna fall down anytime. Ultimate fail. Really respect those people who train so hard to do THIS: 

Cheerleading is driving me nuts although it is really really really really fun! So much laughter and joy when dancing with my cheerleaders. They are so cute! One year have passed so fast since I stepped up to take the position of Sports and Games IC of 9th Phobos House Committee. 


Wynn Tangggggg 

Our mascot! So pretty! Last year's theme was Tribal, so she's dressed as Pocahontas. This year's theme is Back To The Future. HOW?

Think until head crack already still don't know ah. But at least the dances are coming up well, and our dancers are a bunch of super crazy people. Love them to the max. I really think when I step down, I'll cry. 

19 more days to Colosseum; 19 more days to step down; 19 more days of responsibility; 19 more days before I regain freedom; 19 more days before I can concentrate on studies. Mixed feelings. I really don't know how life will be like after we all step down. Oh how I miss those days (':