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Friday, 14 September 2012

Boys Who;

Recently, I've been so disappointed with my boyf. I really don't understand what's wrong with him. He isn't the guy I knew 2 years ago. It seems like AJC made him become dumber, a less people-person, and a major fall in maturity. It's like, he has forgotten how to be a good boyfriend. Is that even possible?

I remember I was using twitter I chanced upon this twitter account @_BoysWho which tweet about stuff that girls can relate and what boys can learn. But I find that some of their tweets are unrealistic.

"Boys who has dimples" 
"Boys who has dark hair and light eyes" 

You mean someone can learn how to get dimples and change their natural hair and eye colour for good?
Despite those tweets, there are others that make so much sense that I can't help but to agree. However, I can't seem to find any tweet that can totally relate to me. So I've decided to blog about it since Twitter limits me to 140 characters;

1. Boys who do not cook up excuses or lie;

So sick and tired shit when a guy gives the same excuses over and over again to the extent that I can remember all of them. Everytime you lie or give an excuse, this is my reaction -

Guys, do you think we're like that idiot down there, wearing his underpants on his head and can't see what's happening out there?

We're not. Even the dumbest girls on Earth will know that it's just an excuse you're making to cover up whatever wrong things you've done. So guys, admit your mistakes and stop giving excuses.

2. Boys who are sensitive to mood;

You guys should know that girls have PMS and it's really hard trying to control emotions. Sometimes, we just feel like bursting out in tears for no good reason.

Seriously, I'm not the only one. I've asked around and all my friends do agree that when you're having PMS, you just don't know why you're feeling so angst, sad, depressed or happy at times.


3. Boys who wipe away falling tears;

I don't know if it's just me, but I really love it whenever a guy wipes away my tears, pulls me over and tell me that everything's gonna be fine, especially after a fight. I feel that it's a way to show that you still care and love a girl. 

4. Boys who puts in effort to surprise a girl;

Can't tell you how much a girl loves surprises. To me, even a surprise visit with snacks when I'm feeling down or sick would make my day. You don't know how jealous I am when I see pictures on Instagram of others when people bring them food like this-

I can't describe how much I love food. It's like one of the few things that can cheer me up besides sleep and music.

Even though you might be very busy with school or work, as long as you have the heart to do something, you'll make time.

Don't tell me you don't take a break once in a while, to play the computer, to walk around, to watch the television, or just simply stoning there. If you have time to do all these, I don't see why you can't take out a little time to surprise the girl you truely love.

5. Boys who act their age and are responsible

If you're 6, act like 6. Go out, have fun, play and have no worries. But if you're 18, but you act like 6, boy you do have a huge problem.

Yes, sometimes being a little immature can be adorable. 

 But being childish all the time is JUST WRONG. Like the stupid rubber ducky down there.

Be responsible for what you are doing. If you're supposed to be studying, then study hard. If you're working, work hard. If you don't even do this, how do you expect your girlfriends to trust you with their lives? 

One thing that I can't stand it is guys asking for rewards for the things that they are supposed to do as their motivation. Things such as,

"If I pass this test, you give me a kiss ok?" 
"If I score straight A`s for A levels, you treat me ice cream ok?"

Come on, how old are you already? If you're 6, I'd gladly give you a sticker chart and reward you for every 10 stars you've earned. But if you're already 16, stop asking for all these rewards. Be responsible for the things you are doing. It's your life, not mine. Do you not ask me for rewards, they are for me to decide and choose whether I want to give it or not. Rewards are just a bonus in life, do not expect them. 

Do not say you want those rewards because you're not motivated. It's just pure responsibility to do what you are supposed to, even though you lost your passion or drive for it. No, motivation is not what pushes you, it's being responsible. 


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