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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Post Prelims!


I know this isn't a very good sign because most of the papers are screwed and A`s is like coming soon. 43 days?  

Let's just wait for results and hope that my efforts pay off. Even if it's not fantastic (which it'll most probably not be), I'll still be able to pass everything. Super worried for everything, especially GP. The paper's like so hard I was about to cry when I was doing it. Actually, it happened for almost every paper so what am I talking about sigh. 

Anyway, post prelim celebration started on Wednesday even though there was 2 more papers but it was MCQ. Headed to Popoyes @ eHub for lunch, then watched Ted. 

Movie was great! Definitely a stress-reliever. Basically the movie is about this boy who made a wish that his teddy bear came alive, and it did. So the teddy bear grew up with him and his love life became screwed because he can't grow up and how he managed to overcome everything. Rated M18 because of the sexual references and vulgarities. Oh ya and there was boobs too. That's about all. TED'S SO CUTE!!!!! 

Went bowling @ eHub after Thursday's Chem paper. Don't like bowling, plus I was soooooo tired so I didn't play. Headed to Seoul Gardens after that for lunch/high-tea/dinner. Super good time spent. 

Dinner at Simpang with the same people on Friday after Bio paper and headed to Angie's house. Had Mahjong lecture/tutorial in ENGLISH by Ronnie and Vincent. It was just too weird. But now Amri and Athirah knows how to play Mahjong. Not being racist, but I think it's so cool when non-Chinese knows how to play Mahjong, followed by a session of Bridge. Then 5 of us squeezed at the back of the car otw home. MADNESS. Last nice was just crazy, too crazy. Can't wait for the next time round at Vincent's place or at class chalet. 

Ok nvm, inside joke. 

Anyway, I've been slacking the past few days, playing Facebook game (Ya I know what the shit right, why am I wasting my life away) and surfing Youtube. But today, I found my new favourite Youtuber! 

Someone just watch his videos and tell me how can anyone not like him?!?! He's cute, has a super strong and sweet voice with abit of country style, and he plays the guitar. Basically, he's just underated. EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH HIS VIDEOS AND GET EARGASM. *Ahhhhhh*

We are never getting back together- Taylor Swift [ft Peter Hollens] 

Sparks Fly- Taylor Swift 

As Long As You Love Me- Justin Bieber [with Alex Goot]

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