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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

We Are Infinite;

Done with Chem yesterday and the feeling was sooooooooo great even though the paper sucked so badly. Can't wait for Bio to end too. Rushed home to get changed after paper and headed down to town for dinner/shopping/movie.

Had Thai food for dinner at Far East Plaza, and their green curry was so nice! Phad Thai was a little disappointing, but the mango sticky rice still made our day ^^ Bought the Korean banana milk, so sweet so nice.

Went around shopping at FEP, saw many pretty clothes but I'm like broke. Need to hurry work and earn $$$$$. Still don't know what to wear to post prom sigh. Gonna exercise and hopefully lose some weight by then. Headed to ION's Victoria's Secret to look at perfume. & the pink wallet is so pretty but it's like over a hundred bucks. Imagine if I bought that wallet, I would have a very nice wallet but it'd be empty inside. 

Bombshell and Sexy Little Things are like my favourites. They smell so good, but it's like so ex. Bombshell's $100+++ for the large bottle. Haven't saved enough yet. But on the bright side, my wallet smells like Sexy Little Things because I put the piece of paper thingy in it for the whole night. 

Ran like mad girls to Shaw to catch The Perks of Being a Wallflower because we were late. Left ION at 9.05 when the show starts at 9.10. BUT BUT BUT, WE MANAGED TO GET INTO THE THEATRES BEFORE THE MOVIE STARTED. How pro are we?! 

The movie was great, Emma Watson is just so damn hot. Feel that this show requires thinking, it's not the type of just-watch-and-laugh-or-cry show. Very satisfied with the movie, except that there were parts that were unclear. I think the only way to really understand the movie is to read the book. But overall I was still so glad that we caught this movie. It's like there's only left with 1 theatre screening this movie which is at Shaw Building. Have been wanting to watch it ever since I read the book before Prelims. I'm now a happy girl! ^^ 


Logan Lerman as Charlie (top)
Emma Watson as Sam (left)
Ezra Miller as Patrick (middle)
Nina Dobrev as Candace (right)

Camwhored in the toilet after the movie because the lighting is nice, and Wynn's camera has nice effects. 

Next movie I wanna catch would be PITCH PERFECT. Have been wanting to watch this movie ever since I watched Ted during prelims period. And then there comes studying and studying and studying for A Levels. And everyone has been rubbing it in my face, telling me how nice it is and everything. Hopefully I'll be able to watch it with Pea next week! It's like Glee, but 16842391 times better! So looking forward to it!! 

At this moment, I swear, we are infinite. 

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