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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Goodbye A`s, Hello Life!

A`s are FINALLY OVER FOR GOOD. Don't think I'll ever want to go through such shit again. Time to throw everything aside until February when result comes. Life after A`s has been so good so far ((; & I finally got a new profile picture! ^^

New Facebook Profile Picture ^^

Headed to the gym with Wynn and Danica right after Bio paper. Then headed to town with Wanting to get some accessories for post prom. Got my bangle at Cine for $4.90 and Lock&Key necklace at F21 for $7. That cashier lady tried to scam my money, what an ass. In the end we went up to the 2nd level cashier to pay for my necklace, and bought a coral lip gloss for $3! ^^


Finally met up with my girls after so long. Had early dinner at Ajisen and went shopping around after that. Great night spent with them (:


Went down to Snip Avenue to highlight my hair purplish-red although it looks like red. But if you see carefully, it's really not!!

So first, they bleached the parts that I wanted to highlight. My whole head was filled with aluminium foil and it was so heavy. I ended up looking like a mutated zebra after the bleaching was done.

Please pardon my lousy phone camera :/

Then it was dying my whole head red and my scalp was really so itchy. In the end my scalp turned magenta? Cut my fringe shorter too because it's like long and messy. Hope it doesn't grow so fast like the previous time. And here's the before & after photo. 

Loving my new hair so so so much!! Now it's so soft because I did treatment too. SOFT LIKE BABY'S BUTT

Thursday; BANG@BUTTER!
Kinda proud of myself because I did my own makeup this time and it was quite successful. Mastered the skill of putting brown eyeshadow (Y) Kinda screwed my eyeliner because I somehow couldn't draw my right eye. It's just so damn annoying tsk. But it turned out pretty well in the end so yea... 

Seriously look damn different lah. Make up does wonders. My eyes look so much bigger than usual days. And this is with the dress and accessories. CAMWHORE TIME ^^ (I actually deleted so many photos from the camera hahahahaha) 
Met Wynn at Tampines1 and she went to Sasa to do her make up. Went to Cold Storage to get some sushi and super glue because my pathetic shoe spoilt -.- Then headed to Century Square 2nd floor toilet to touch up my eyeliner. Camwhore again (Y) 
Happy Wynn; Angry Wynn; Sad Wynn

Red Hair is Red ^.^

Then we went to meet Wanting and Danica, and after that Sofia. Had to wait for Ronnie and Hubert at Tamp MRT platform, so I salvaged my shoes, put on mascara, help Sofia put eyeshadow, and camwhore some more!!!! & this camwhoring continued thoughout the whole night until we started dancing and had to lock everything in the locker in case there's anyone who tried to steal out stuff. 


415 ♥


This babe is just damn freaking hot. 





This is annoyed me after waiting so damn long to get in.


Joeyee! First time seeing her in a DRESS.

415 Girls ^^ 


Vincent! He really look like small boy la hahaha


Crazy night, had loads of fun dancing/jumping. Okay, not really the jumping. Even though the DJ and the song choices sucked, but the atmosphere was still alright. MJ students study damn hard, party even harder. Walked all the way to Marina Square with Joeyee, Cassandra, Ronnie, Hubert & Vincent. Ton outside Starbucks, talked nonsense, then walked to Suntec nearest 7-11. Sat there and eat cup noodles while waiting for the 1st train. Crashed when I reached home after bathing and only woke up at 4, then headed to church for EC rehearsal. 

Can't believe my JC life is over. These 2 years past too quickly. I'll definitely miss the people and everything else, but surely not the mugging part. Life wouldn't be the same without any of these people ♥♥

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