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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hello 2013;


Spent the first day of 2013 with my family, but the morning was wasted because we were all still sleeping. Dad drove to Liang Court for lunch at Saizeriya (Italian restaurant). Food there is considered cheap, but the service was not so good, and the food was just acceptable.

There was this set thingy: A small salad and free flow of drinks for $3.90 nett. And this is why I said service was bad. Wanted to asked if the free flow of drinks included both hot and cold drinks, and what type of salad they served. Called for the waitress, she looked at us, and just walked away. And when another waitress came to serve us, the conversation between them went like this: 

Mum: Which salad is served for the set? 
Waitress: Yes
Mum: Yea... Which salad? (flips to the page with the variety of salads)
Waitress: (Flips back to the other page) The small one

WHUTTTTTTTTT? Obviously we know it's the small one right?? As if we cannot read hurhurhur. Anyway, it turned out to be the garden salad which tasted not bad. They have their own salad dress, don't know what it's called, but a little too salty. 

Free flow of drinks included the standard soft drinks, orange juice (mostly syrup), plain water, and the different types of coffee (and milo). & they have bendy straws yayyyyy!!! ^.^ 

Ordered escargots because we felt that it would be such a waste if we don't try it. But you just see the difference between the photo in the menu, and the actual thing. 

But it's only $5.90 so can't complain la hor. It kinda tasted like mushrooms with all the garlic etcetc. I ordered something called Paella (seafood baked rice on hotplate) for $6.90, sissy ordered Squid Ink Spaghetti for $5.90, Mum ordered sirloin steak for $11.90 and Daddy got Black Pepper Chicken (I think) at $8.90. 


Sirloin Steak

Black pepper chicken

Squid Ink Spaghetti 

The Spaghetti was quite good, sissy managed to finish the whole plate so I guess the taste wasn't so overwhelming that will make people sick. The ink made her whole mouth BLACK. Hahahaha she's such a joke. 

No squid ink vs squid ink. She was so trying to hide the blackness LOLOLOLOL
Ordered a pineapple/bacon pizza to share. It's like Hawaiian, but there's bacon. And bacon makes everything taste better (: The pizza was served uncut, so they gave us this pizza cutter thing and we can cut the pizza into as many pieces as we wanted whooo~ 

For dessert, sissy ordered chocolate truffle and daddy ordered pudding. According to sissy, the chocolate truffle tastes as good as Awfully Chocolate's but I don't think so la. The pudding was sweet and niceeeee. Pudding's always niceeeee ;P

Chocolate Truffle.

Went around to shop shop, and bought chocolates from United Chocolate. It's a small kiosk [?] on its on near 7-11. It's $6.50/50g and we spent 53 bucks there which is about 400g worth of chocolates. Bought the heart chocolate, almond coated chocolate and whiskey chocolates. Bought all dark chocolates because it's good for health. Now my sister's in love with whiskey oh no. 

The photo really don't do the chocolates justice. 

Went shopping at the supermarket there and bought stuff for dinner. There super high class, even vegetable also super expensive gosh. 

Sashimi crabsticks! ^^ 


Got Tony Romas ribs too, and all we needed to do was to just heat it up for about 15 minutes. There were instructions on the different methods to heat it up. Super nice, and according to Mummy, except the fact that the sauce was a little too salty, it tasted like the restaurants' one!


COOKED. & it was still sizzling hawt. 

Made Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie for family, abit fail because it was kinda watery, but after added more yoghurt, then it was alright. Used plain yoghurt, milk, honey, peanut butter and BANANA and just BLEND ^^ 

This photo sucks

New Year Resolutions

Last year's resolution; 

1. To lose weight  
- Gained and lost, so still considered la
2. Save $$$
- Saved up about $400, left with $100 by 31st Dec hahahaha
3. Study Hard and get good results in MJC
- Results, don't want to think about it. Study hard, maybe the last few months la
4. Be more mindful and tactful with words .
- This is definitely achieved (:
5. Use a weekly planner and stick to it .
- And this too, so proud of myself ^^ 
6. Make more friends than enemies in the next phase of life .
- Have no idea about this :/ 
7. Not to judge people by first look .
8. Think positively . Less emo-ing .
- (:
9. Maintain a stable relationship while balancing life and work .
- Failed this so terrible too. Everything's about work work and work. Gonna get it back NOW
10. Keep this blog alive !
- Not bad lah, Managed to blog at least once a month (almost)

This year's resolution; (Gonna put it at the side of my blog again like last year!)

1. Be more healthy- Eat more healthily and exercise more (Since there's no more PE)
2. Spend more time with family and friends (& get back my social life) 
3. Read the bible everyday and journal it (: 
4. Save $$$ (Prolly gonna spend it all away during Christmas again) 
5. Slack less and stop wasting my life away!!!!!!!!! ***VERY IMPORTANT***
6. More DIYs - Handicrafts, Food, Drinks. 

Things that I wanna do by the end of this year-

1. Learn how to sew so I can make many pretty stuff
2. Try making different type of jello shots
3. Make a dreamcatcher
4. Paint a new shoe
5. DIY a shirt/pair of shorts

/Abrupt ending for this blog post because I have no idea how to/  

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