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Saturday, 30 March 2013

All girls hate this; PMS

Yeap, you've seen the title of this blog post. It's gonna be about PMS. Freaking premenstrual syndrome. If you're so immature or childish that you might just freak out or feel gross reading about the shit girls experience every single month, then just look at this happy dancing bear in the big blue house, laugh at its retarded-ness and then close this window.

I'm feeling extremely angst today because of PMS and I needed somewhere to rant and I thought blogging about it would be good. I think this message not only goes out to the guys, but also to girls who don't know why they are experiencing terrible mood swings. I don't know how many people are gonna read this, maybe none (Haha I'm so pathetic -.-), but I hope this helps someone out there.

Firstly, PMS is not something that we can control. Our bodies are just unhappy that we are not pregnant when it thinks that we are, and decides to play with our hormones, mainly the progesterone, which causes our PMS. Stop telling us that we, girls, are using PMS as an excuse to snap in your faces because sometimes, even we don't know why we are feeling like crap.

Just look at the change in the level of progesterone (the green line). It rises like crazy within one week, and drops like crazy within one week. Our hormone level change like mad, of course we will feel like mad too right? I've researched on how the level of progesterone can affect one's behaviour, and here's what I found.

The fall in the level of progesterone will cause people to be frustrated, anxious (which leads to the body overreacting, causing headaches and bloatedness), and depression (which means sad for mild cases).

It's true that sometimes, we can control our emotions, but don't expect us to not flare or cry when you continually disturb us. You really deserve it. It's like knowing a rubber band is going to snap, and you still stretch it right infront of your face, you should totally Christ Brown yourself man.

Just do this to yourself alright? 

 At times, I wish people would know that I'm PMS-ing without me telling them. If only there things that we can wear to show that we are in a bad mood.

Okay, maybe the shirt is a little too much. BUT IF ANYONE EVER MAKES THIS SHIRT, TELL ME. I'LL DEFINITELY GET IT. I actually think a wristband might work better. There was such thing called the sex bands, why not create something called the PMS band?

Instead of using colourful bands, just use BLOOD RED BANDS and people will know that you're PMS-ing and not bother you. Sound like a good idea?

There, I just did it with paint because I'm so lazy to edit it properly. 

As I said, PMS really suck. I started blogging feeling super depressed-ish, but now I'm just happy. I guess it's alright to let your feelings out when you're PMS-ing, but in a proper way. It's only normal to have feelings because we are human beings.

Sad - Listen to more sad music and cry it out.
Angry - Get a stress ball and squeeze it; Go to the beach to scream at imaginary idiots on the sea; Rant to someone or write it all out (like what I just did)
Anxious - Eat some chocolates (dark ones won't make you as fat as normal chocolates) and go sleep and make the world a peaceful place for everyone else.
Don't-know-what-you're-exactly-feeling - Eat a tub of icecream, grow fat and exercise the next day.

Guys, if you wanna be nice, get chocolates/ice cream or something sweet for girls when you know they're PMS-ing. It'll make their day better. You could prolly write a short note and attach it to the little gift. If they're in a good mood, they'll thank you later in the day; if they're in a bad mood, at least you tried?

Here's a picture of a super cute animal which has a natural smiley face that my sister sent it to me to end off this blog post;


  1. Just spam chocolates when pmsing haha it helps

    1. Must spam dark chocolates! It's less fattening ^^