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Monday, 4 March 2013

Hi guys! My last update was about a month ago! :O Didn't really have time/mood to update since I've started work. Every time I have an off day, I'll either spend it sleeping or stoning in front of the laptop or in church. So I guess this update will be about my work, CNY and my next phase of life. Oh and I've tried potato facial and it's really really good!!


I've gotten a 3-month job at ShangriLa Singapore as a lobby ambassador. My job scope is just to press the lift button and entertain guests while waiting for the lift. But this job scope only lasted for a week, and the girls and I had to do everything else, including helping the guest carry and/or store their lugguages, giving directions around Singapore, teaching them how to take the MRT, calling in-house guests for their friends etcetc. One night, there were so many arrivals, I ended up 'escorting' guests in from the hotel entrance to the reception to register for check ins. But on the bright side, I really love this job (except when I've got nothing to do) because I love love love people. This just made me confirm that I really don't like office jobs. In addition, we've got really cute uniforms! Love the hats ^^

Couldn't scan the polaroids we took before Theresa left because there's something wrong with my scanner/laptop. I don't know which one :/

Chinese New Year

Didn't spam pictures like last year because I had to spend half my CNY working. Sigh service line. But the good thing was that I received >$100 of angbao money from there alone (Y) Ironically, this angmoh lady gave me $10 because she knew that we were celebrating CNY. She's so cool la. My cat's so beautiful, yet looking so dumb at the same time. She failed in getting her food out of the angbao we gave her sigh what a bimbo.



Got back my results on 1 Mar, Friday. I really didn't know how I was supposed to feel. My results were horrendous according to my standards, but it was so much better than what I expected it to be, except maybe for Bio. I know some people really do care when they ask me about my grades, but some are just curious. I'm really open about my grades so if you want to know, you can just ask me personally. Did really really bad for GP and it killed my overall. Got 68.75 for my overall Rank Point and I don't think I can get anywhere safely in the locals. Hopefully I can squeeze my way into SMU's business even though its 10th percentile is a BBB/B. Please shortlist me for interviews!! I promise to do my best. Learnt my lesson from O`s and A`s. I won't let history repeat itself. No. Never again.

Went to SMU's open house yesterday and I really love how the school curriculum works. But I've decided that I'm not gonna take Econs, even over my dead body. Only 5 minutes into the Econs talk and I couldn't help but to whip out my phone to tweet.

I'm at a loss of what course to do other than business. Thinking of Info System Management but heard from a senior that it's really hard and it involves alot of computer coding. Maybe I'd survive doing it as a 2nd major, but not a degree. Just have to apply, pray and hope for the best.

Potato Facial!

I know this may sound so stupid because the first time I heard from my colleague my reaction was like "ARE YOU SERIOUS?????' But potato facial actually works!!

Potatoes have lotssssssssss of vitamin A, beta-carotene (oh here comes Bio again dammit) and antioxidants. NATURAL ONES. It softens your skin and moisturise them like nobody's business and you'll feel so damn freaking fresh. Potato removes excess oil and all those oil clots (I really don't know what they're called but we call it 油泡 in chinese) will instantly reduce in size.

There are a few ways of doing the potato facial and I'm doing the one that is the least time consuming in just 5 steps!

Step 1: Pin up your fringe if you have any. You don't want any potato juice on your hair right?

Step 2: Get a potato! Mine's halved because my sister and I used the other half previously. You don't have to finish a whole potato every time, just a few slices will do. Store it in a clear plastic bag (perhaps from NTUC?), tie it up and put it in the fridge. Cut away the outer layer because it would have dried up the next time you wanna do this.

Step 3: Cut a small slice of potato (mine's usually less than half a cm). If the slice of potato runs out of moisture, you can always have another slice.

Step 4: Rub the potato all around your face in any way you want! You can choose to rub on places with pimple and oil clots more extensively (: 

When you're done, you'll see that the slice of potato will have many lines/creases/wrinkles. This is because your skin has already absorbed all the moisture.

Step 5: Leave on the potato juice for a 15-20 minutes for the skin to absorb the moisture/vitamin and rinse your face with lukewarm water. You can also apply toner because there will be open pores

This is a picture of before and after. Can't really tell the difference between the skin because my camera isn't thattttt good. But the redness of the pimple has obviously subsided and the size has been reduced!

You can also cut a new slice of potato into half (the thinner the better as it tends to stick more easily to your skin) and use it as eye mask. It'll reduce the puffiness of eye bags and also lighten dark circles in the long run ^^

Gonna try doing avocado hair mask later, or maybe next week if I'm too lazy. Hope it turns out well! Bye!

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