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Wednesday, 27 March 2013



Yep, and that's what I wished it was when I wokeup but... In actual fact, 

I wokeup being sick (I think it was a headache) and I wasn't able to go down to NASS Band prac. Sorry to disappoint you sissy! ): We were supposed to go shopping with mum but since sissy had band, I was so bored, aaaandddddd..

I fell back asleep after waking up for about 2 to 3 hours ;

Anyway, thanks everyone for all the birthday calls, texts, tweets, whatsapp messages and facebook posts. Sorry that I didn't reply everyone but I really appreciate it, really!

Even though sometimes I wonder if people on Facebook are sincerely wishing me, or just for the sake of it. It's so easy to wish someone happy birthday now. Just have to open Facebook, check the panel on the right hand side, click on 'Today's Birthdays', type 'Happy Birthday!' and *Enter*. Maybe next year I'll remove my birthday from Facebook, and see how many people really remember my birthday. Then I'll be a lonely kid when no one wishes me :/ 

Treated my family to dinner at BRIO's buffet @ Grand Copthorne Waterfront, and spent $200++++ The dinner was so-so and because it was a weekday, there wasn't the outdoor satay/bbq counter. There wasn't durian puree and snow crabs too sighpie. But the company was good so I was satisfied ^^ 

Our dessert plate created by sissy & I

Fav person in my life (L)

Celebrated my early birthday with my favourite people. Wanted to have Little Pancakes @ Upp Thomson Rd but it was fully occupied dammit. Walked down to U.D.D.E.R.S instead for dinner. Pea and I shared 

Bacon iz gooooood and the hotdog is nice too!! The butter has herbs so it smells so good ^^

Headed down to Neli's after dinner for ice cream. Loved the ribena flavoured one. It has drunken vodka gummy bears in it heehee. & the butterscotch nuts had whiskey in it mmmmm {: These darlings wanted to surprise me with a birthday cake but they didn't have lighter so they had to ask me for mine HAHA. But I still love you guys (L)

Just applied for University this week when the rest of the people I know are already getting their calls for interviews and acceptance letters for their courses like OMG. With a grade S for GP, everywhere also won't be able to get in *pessimistic me is pessimistic* Even a friend of mine who got a D for GP also have to go through an English test requested by SMU. 

Applied for SMU, NTU and NUS. Surprisingly, I applied for all 3 schools when I thought I would only apply for SMU.

Business Mng and Info System Mng for SMU;
Biz and Comm Studies for SMU;
FASS, Proj and Facil Mng and Biz Admin for NUS.

BBC/ads is my grade, but even the easiest one to get in which is ISM in SMU and it's cutoff point for last year was BCC/C if I'm not wrong. How lah how you tell me?? Everyday I'm crying in my heart, feeling so frustrated. These few days PMS-ing, making things worse. Please please please, I will take ANY test and interviews just to get into these courses. Gonna just pray and hope God opens up doors for me.

Went shopping with my Princesses from church on Saturday to Somerset. Because I ended work at 11, had lunch and walked down from ShangriLa. It took me about 1 hour and I reached 313 at 1ish. But the girls only came at about 3 so I just sat at B2 like a hobo, reading my storybook. Wanted to eat Coldstone but the queue was FREAKING LONG. Gave up and went up to MIYOC because they had sales but didn't buy anything from there. Headed down to Scape and I bought 2 high waist shorts (like finally) for $14 each. One was gold and the other was white ^^ Got a turquoise dress for 5bucks but I CAN'T FREAKING WEAR IT URGH. #bigboobsproblem 

And the princesses surprised me on Sunday with twelve cupcakes right before FFW when I was figuring out chords for a song. Seriously got a shock and I was very touched. Thank you very very very much la girls. Really thank God for giving me these 3 girls to walk with me through my spiritual journey. Hope we grow old together and our kids will celebrate their birthdays together okay (':


  1. Aww u wore the dress we bought for u on your bday hehe

    1. Yes I did (: Wanted to ootd and tag y'all but I was looking so cui that night. Thanks <3<3

  2. Replies
    1. It's cui!! I took alot of pictures that night but deleted HAHA