Snapshots of Life;

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Say hello, to the girl, that I amYou're gonna have to seeOut of my perspectiveI need to make mistakesJust to learn, who I amAnd I don't wanna beSo damn protected
There must be another way'Cause I believe in takin' chancesBut who am I to say?What a girl is to do?God I need some answers
What am I to do with my life?(You will find it out don't worry)How am I supposed to know what's right?(You just gotta do it your way)I can't help the way I feelBut my life has beenSo overprotected
I tell 'em what I likeWhat I want, and what I don'tBut everytime I doI stand correctedThings that I've been toldI can't believeWhat I hear about the world, I realizeI'm over 'verprotected
I've been living a life of a princess for the past 19 years of my life and I can totally relate to the song above. It has been one of my favourite songs since I was 12, and it hasn't changed over the years. 

No I do not live in a huge and beautiful castle, I do not own a glamorous limousine, I do not have a nanny/butler taking care of me 24/7 and I don't wear a tiara; But my parents have been treating me as if I'm one. Daddy's like my personal chauffeur and he fetches me to and fro places whenever he can and mummy's like my nanny ever since the last one left many many many years ago. And somehow, in almost every part of my life, there are guys in my life that I can always depend on (not necessarily boyfriends). I've been pampered my whole life and the people around me knows so, but I got to emphasize that I'M NOT SPOILT.

I've been so overprotected by my parents my whole life, the only time I went overseas without them was the Sec2 level camp to KotaTinggi. Apparently because of 'bad air condition' in China then, my mum didn't allow me to go for the Beijing trip with my band and I missed out on everything, including the chance to compete internationally.
The first time I stayed overnight outside was during my J1 housecomm chalet because my parents are afraid that something bad would happen, no matter how late I wanted to stay out previously, my mother will make sure that my father fetches me home and she would stay awake until I reached home.
Last year, I missed the chance to join Trackers because my immune system is weak and I fall sick so easily, my mum was afraid that I would fall sick during the mission trip. This coming June, there's gonna be another mission trip to Cebu and my mum wouldn't let me go again because it's tough.

I want to be exposed to the world, I don't want to live in my cave my whole life; I want to face difficulties and to grow up, I don't want to be a princess anymore. I want to serve God not only in my comfort zone, I want to experience Him more. I know they are doing this because they love me, but this love is too suffocating.

Monday, 15 April 2013


Went to Savour at Pit Building on Saturday. According to its website, it's a unique annual gourmet festival in Singapore showcasing only the very best food and drinks. Went there in the morning/noon with Mum and sissy first because Daddy was working.

Sissy's arm and her beautiful wristband from Scape

#ootd yeaaaaa

Had to use Savour dollars to buy stuff, but there's NETS payment in the Jason's Market area and many counters to exchange SGD for the dollars. Because mum had the dinner tickets, we were allowed inside for the whole day. Each dinner ticket cost $65 and it comes with 30savourdollars and so we had 120savourdollars. Because the dollars only come in denomination of two and the material is paper, it gets wet easily so it sticks to one another so was a little troublesome counting the dollars during payment.

Went to walk around Jason's because the weather was extremely hot and humid (what's new?) then went over to the next door called the Gourmet section and we had beef/mutton kebab. It came with a free drink so we got sparkling peach and it comes in a pretty glass bottle. I think I broke it when I threw it into the bin whoops;

Loving my hair colour here ^^ 
Headed upstairs for the Baking section to see-see-look-look and ended up queuing for the Pie Baking class at the baking studio. Sissy saw her senior working there and we shamelessly asked him to come over to ask him for his name to confirm if it's really him. Sissy and him chatted for awhile and then things started getting awkward after they ran out of things to talk HAHAH. Was eyeing on the table with pink mixer for very long and being thick skinned, I asked the person in-charge if we could get that table, and he said YES.

So this Australian chef taught us how to make pie crust and we even got hard copy recipe of it so we don't have to memorise. Thumbs up for the organisers (Y)

Sidetrack; Pretty mixers they were selling

Then the next class was Macaron making class by Chef Michael Liu! Was quite blur throughout but thank God I met Aunt Lynn and the other Couple, Wei Xin and Lester, and they were good at baking so I just had to follow their instructions.

Pardon the quality because the recipe was on a tv screen

Mine's the tiny ones one the 2nd row

8 minutes in the oven and less than 150°C and poof! 
Chef made caramel and chocolate fillings for us, ultra sedup la sial. There was a recipe but I think Weixin forgotten about me, even though I have the same name as her mother, because she didn't whatsapp me ):

Looking super cui after the everything; 

Daddy came to join us at about 6.30pm when our class ended and we went upstairs to Jasons for dinner and grocery shopping ^^

There's this bbq station where they grill your lamb/beef on the spot!



Meh meh 

Daddy was sooooo happy serious. The photos are kinda fake. If only I could capture the moment when he was smiling and literally bouncing while walking back to the table

Spent around $150 on grocery shopping. Heard of cheese hotdog? We bought pineapple hotdogs! Yes you didn't read that wrongly it's PINEAPPLE because cheese is too mainstream. Got salami, bacon, chips etcetcetc. & my sis and dad bought this cheddar with cracked black pepper for $9.90. They really siao too rich already.

Great time spent with the family. Anywhere is good as long as we are together (':
More random pictures coming up~

Pretty Singapore Flyer (: 

They got very nice XO Durian soybean! 


Went to church early on Sunday to practice for FFW. For some reason I was feeling extremely happy I don't know why but it was a good thing. The worship team, especially Kai, was quite worried about today's worship session because we decided to change the sequence a little. I was praying so hard throughout FFW that God will come and meet the youths and they will have the wisdom to comprehend today's super abstract message. Extremely thankful for Ken that he simplified the message so much that it was so easy to understand as compared to what we heard from Rev Lek on Friday night. So happy for the number of youths that responded to God's call; The whole front row was crowded. I was crying so hard while praying for my 2 girls, Vic and Eunice. Even though the program overran again, but it wasn't like the usual where everyone left when their parents came upstairs to fetch them (':

Thank You God; You Are So Real. 

Friday, 12 April 2013

Happy Sweet 19th Pea ♥♥♥

Celebrated Pea's 19th birthday at my place last night. Had pizza for dinner and they bought a huge bottle of apple aloe vera juice over. Sadly my poor Vivienne ended work late and couldn't come over ):

With the help of my beloved sister who skipped school because she was 'sick', we managed to finish the marshmallow pops and banner in time for the mini-party. 

The 'happy' was supposed to be above the 'bday pea' but it dropped down because the label-primary-school-books-tape wasn't strong enough. And sadly the balloons dropped too so this was what's left before they left. 

Taught Joycelyn and Danling how to play bridge after dinner and then we lepaked in my room. Joycelyn and I went outside to set up the table with her birthday cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes with toppers and her fake birthday cake made up of marshmallow pops. 

19 blurred candles;

Pardon my messy table! 

Group photo without Vivienne? No problem! Look at my pro paint skills because I have no photoshop LOL

Babe, we really wished you were here! 

The fake birthday cake

Marshmallow Pop; Super delicious 

Her bolster-sized birthday present from the girls and she immediately named it kinky right after she saw it.

Bolster-sized Hawaii from Craftholic, Bugis+

So so so so so glad that she enjoyed her birthday celebration! 

Message Dedication; 

Pea! Do you remember that birthday dedication video I made for you last year because we couldn't meet up? Click HERE to relive the memory one year ago and laugh your ass out!! 

I'm so glad that we became friends in sec 1 and we are still friends now even though we quarreled in sec 2 and we kinda drifted a little during the 2 years of JC. We're like sisters from different parents and I'm so thankful for you. No matter what happens in my life, I can always turn to you and you'll give me all sorts of advice. Congratulations for your acceptance letter from NTU! I guess that's the best birthday present you've received so far despite your mum's reaction. It's your future, not hers! So don't be sad/angry/disappointed by whatever she says because we all know that you deserve that and God has His plans for you. I hope we can continue to celebrate one another's birthdays every single year in the future and nothing will bring us girls apart 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pedal On!

Went cycling with Pea and Joy today! We cycled from Sunplaza Park all the way to Changi Beach. This time I didn't crash into the railings but I got scratched by the bicycle because I was too short and couldn't balance the bike when I needed to stand up. I really thank God for the weather because when we just started cycling, it was drizzling but it stopped and the sun didn't come out. 

Legs are aching so damn badly because of the up-slopes, but it's very rewarding when the down-slopes arrive. This is what I tell myself everytime there's an up-slope. 

When we reached the swings at Changi Beach, the sense of satisfaction was so great. We just lepak-ed there for about 20+minutes before cycling back to the station to return our bikes.

Walked over to Changi Village Foodcourt for dinner, the chicken wings and stingray was alright even though it was a little spicy, but the oyster omelette was kinda bad because it was the starchy type and we didn't really like it. Gonna go Chomp Chomp next Tuesday for dinner because Joycelyn says it's good (:

Had a great day burning and gaining calories with the girls. Looking forward to Thursday for Pea's celebration at my place! Now let me end off this post with a smart quote and a pretty picture to make me look like I'm so sophisticated;

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving"