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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bimbz No More;

After being more and more like a bimbo for 3 months because of my job, it was finally my last day on 6th Apr. I'm gonna be jobless for about 3 weeks before returning to ShangriLa as a waitress. So from now till then, I'm gonna stone at home almost everyday so please jio me out yea people?

So for the last 2 days of work, I've turned into Tourist Koh, going around taking pictures of people and stuff.

Dear nametag, we'll meet again in 3 weeks time.
I've been stuck at the lift lobby of Tower Wing for 3 months and this is what I see everyday

Floor mat in the lift that they change daily

The flowers I face everyday
Top: Garden Wing flowers
Bottom: Beautiful centerpiece for March

I'll miss pouring coffee for the guests in the morning, especially the regulars and the staff there. Jeff's coffee must have cream and sugar; Lorielle's coffee- 1 part cream, 2 parts coffee and 2 sugar; This jogger I see almost every morning- Just cream; And this guest who have stayed here for years- 2 balls of cream and 1 equal.

And also one of the hotel directors, Mr Ang, who comes to the hotel at about 7ish-8am every morning to go to the gym without fail. He's really a very nice person to talk to, especially since his sons have gone through school life in Singapore, I could talk to him about University stuff and all. 

I'm gonna miss all the people that I worked with; 

Managers; The ones who have guided me through my 3 months, 

GROs; The people who entertains me when I'm bored, and the ones who teaches me basically everything I have to do and the people I have to look out for;

The doormen and valet dudes that talks to me whenever I'm bored or when the hotel's freezing during the rainy seasons.

Garden Wing peeps; It's a pity I didn't get to take a photo with Amira Sihan and Cory ): 

Bellboys! - Forever helping them to press the lift, fighting with them to bring the luggage around because I was so bored at work, talking crap to them, following them up to the rooms to deliver things even though I don't think I'm allowed to hahaha.

& this is my favourite bell(not-so-young)boy. He's just like a grandfather to us, always doing funny faces, sparstic actions just to make us laugh. We, lobby hosts, even have our own handshake with him. So sad he left for his 14 day Bali trip and I didn't see him on my last day of work. I'll miss you so much datuk! 

My fav cleaners who talks to me everyday. The auntie on the right gave me 2 angbaos even though we said she don't have to. Once during CNY and the other one was for my last day. She's sooooooo loving and caring, always asking us if we've eaten, when is our partner coming to join us at work and stuff like that (':

CONCIERGE PEEPS!!!!! My favourite hiding place when I'm bored or when my legs are tired. Thanks guys for entertaining me even though you all are 90% of the time busy with everything but I'm always 90% of the time bored. Rajiv was on leave on my last 2 days so I didn't get to take a photo with him!!!

This is our new lobby host, taking over Ping, Dap and I. Have fun Shuqi! I'll visit you someday ^^

& here's the previous blog post with photos of my favourite girls; I'm glad we are meeting up real soon! Can't wait!! ^^ 


Met up with Tingyu Kahbing and Hongjie last Tuesday and we went to Ting's house to lepak, play with Max and eat. Taught Kahbing how to play bridge and we played Hearts after that. Jie is just too damn intelligent. Playing cards with him reminds me of Vincent and Ronnie. He could bid 3 Spades and only have 3 spade cards but still win. *applaud*
Dinner out without Tingyu cuz she had to meet her other friends, so we went budget and had dinner at TM Kopitiam. Friends like these are really worth keeping (': And thanks Bing for the souvenir from Korea! 


Met Joy and Viv after work on Wed at Bugis to walk walk, then we went to Toms Palette for ice cream with waffles this time. The waffles were so-so, we 3 shared one plate of waffles while each of us ordered one cup of ice cream. 

& IT RAINED WHEN WE WANTED TO LEAVE THAT PLACE. Every single time we're at Shaw, it rains without fail. Walked back to Bugis Junction afterwards and went to Continental's toilet to dry up. Trained back to Tamp and had Soup Spoon at TM's basement. 

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