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Friday, 12 April 2013

Happy Sweet 19th Pea ♥♥♥

Celebrated Pea's 19th birthday at my place last night. Had pizza for dinner and they bought a huge bottle of apple aloe vera juice over. Sadly my poor Vivienne ended work late and couldn't come over ):

With the help of my beloved sister who skipped school because she was 'sick', we managed to finish the marshmallow pops and banner in time for the mini-party. 

The 'happy' was supposed to be above the 'bday pea' but it dropped down because the label-primary-school-books-tape wasn't strong enough. And sadly the balloons dropped too so this was what's left before they left. 

Taught Joycelyn and Danling how to play bridge after dinner and then we lepaked in my room. Joycelyn and I went outside to set up the table with her birthday cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes with toppers and her fake birthday cake made up of marshmallow pops. 

19 blurred candles;

Pardon my messy table! 

Group photo without Vivienne? No problem! Look at my pro paint skills because I have no photoshop LOL

Babe, we really wished you were here! 

The fake birthday cake

Marshmallow Pop; Super delicious 

Her bolster-sized birthday present from the girls and she immediately named it kinky right after she saw it.

Bolster-sized Hawaii from Craftholic, Bugis+

So so so so so glad that she enjoyed her birthday celebration! 

Message Dedication; 

Pea! Do you remember that birthday dedication video I made for you last year because we couldn't meet up? Click HERE to relive the memory one year ago and laugh your ass out!! 

I'm so glad that we became friends in sec 1 and we are still friends now even though we quarreled in sec 2 and we kinda drifted a little during the 2 years of JC. We're like sisters from different parents and I'm so thankful for you. No matter what happens in my life, I can always turn to you and you'll give me all sorts of advice. Congratulations for your acceptance letter from NTU! I guess that's the best birthday present you've received so far despite your mum's reaction. It's your future, not hers! So don't be sad/angry/disappointed by whatever she says because we all know that you deserve that and God has His plans for you. I hope we can continue to celebrate one another's birthdays every single year in the future and nothing will bring us girls apart 

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