Snapshots of Life;

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Say hello, to the girl, that I amYou're gonna have to seeOut of my perspectiveI need to make mistakesJust to learn, who I amAnd I don't wanna beSo damn protected
There must be another way'Cause I believe in takin' chancesBut who am I to say?What a girl is to do?God I need some answers
What am I to do with my life?(You will find it out don't worry)How am I supposed to know what's right?(You just gotta do it your way)I can't help the way I feelBut my life has beenSo overprotected
I tell 'em what I likeWhat I want, and what I don'tBut everytime I doI stand correctedThings that I've been toldI can't believeWhat I hear about the world, I realizeI'm over 'verprotected
I've been living a life of a princess for the past 19 years of my life and I can totally relate to the song above. It has been one of my favourite songs since I was 12, and it hasn't changed over the years. 

No I do not live in a huge and beautiful castle, I do not own a glamorous limousine, I do not have a nanny/butler taking care of me 24/7 and I don't wear a tiara; But my parents have been treating me as if I'm one. Daddy's like my personal chauffeur and he fetches me to and fro places whenever he can and mummy's like my nanny ever since the last one left many many many years ago. And somehow, in almost every part of my life, there are guys in my life that I can always depend on (not necessarily boyfriends). I've been pampered my whole life and the people around me knows so, but I got to emphasize that I'M NOT SPOILT.

I've been so overprotected by my parents my whole life, the only time I went overseas without them was the Sec2 level camp to KotaTinggi. Apparently because of 'bad air condition' in China then, my mum didn't allow me to go for the Beijing trip with my band and I missed out on everything, including the chance to compete internationally.
The first time I stayed overnight outside was during my J1 housecomm chalet because my parents are afraid that something bad would happen, no matter how late I wanted to stay out previously, my mother will make sure that my father fetches me home and she would stay awake until I reached home.
Last year, I missed the chance to join Trackers because my immune system is weak and I fall sick so easily, my mum was afraid that I would fall sick during the mission trip. This coming June, there's gonna be another mission trip to Cebu and my mum wouldn't let me go again because it's tough.

I want to be exposed to the world, I don't want to live in my cave my whole life; I want to face difficulties and to grow up, I don't want to be a princess anymore. I want to serve God not only in my comfort zone, I want to experience Him more. I know they are doing this because they love me, but this love is too suffocating.

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