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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pedal On!

Went cycling with Pea and Joy today! We cycled from Sunplaza Park all the way to Changi Beach. This time I didn't crash into the railings but I got scratched by the bicycle because I was too short and couldn't balance the bike when I needed to stand up. I really thank God for the weather because when we just started cycling, it was drizzling but it stopped and the sun didn't come out. 

Legs are aching so damn badly because of the up-slopes, but it's very rewarding when the down-slopes arrive. This is what I tell myself everytime there's an up-slope. 

When we reached the swings at Changi Beach, the sense of satisfaction was so great. We just lepak-ed there for about 20+minutes before cycling back to the station to return our bikes.

Walked over to Changi Village Foodcourt for dinner, the chicken wings and stingray was alright even though it was a little spicy, but the oyster omelette was kinda bad because it was the starchy type and we didn't really like it. Gonna go Chomp Chomp next Tuesday for dinner because Joycelyn says it's good (:

Had a great day burning and gaining calories with the girls. Looking forward to Thursday for Pea's celebration at my place! Now let me end off this post with a smart quote and a pretty picture to make me look like I'm so sophisticated;

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving"

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