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Friday, 26 July 2013

An Alternative Path;

Haven't been blogging for months even though I wanted to but just too tired/lazy after I started working in start May. So today, somehow I knocked my head against the table when I woke up. My brain is having selective memory loss as I couldn't recall how it happened no matter how hard I try. So I've just been stoning at home for almost the whole day, mostly trying to sleep the pain away. And I've decided to blog because there are no nice shows to watch on tv. (Disney Channel please bring the good old shows back?)

Anyone Remembers These Shows? (':

Recently, 80% of what I'm seeing on Twitter is about NS or University. And some people know that I screwed up my A Levels and can't get into a Local University, and I chose to take a gap year before applying for private next year. Honestly, seeing friends/batch mates going for orientation camps, moving into dorms and tweeting about how much fun they are having makes me feel kind of shitty deep down inside. Even though, right from the start, I knew that I will not be able to enter a local university, but I still felt really dejected when I received the rejection letters from the schools. Every single time when someone asks me, "Hey! So which university are you going? What course are you going to major in?" I'll be like

Oh Haha Screwed My A`s, Gonna Take A Gap Year. *Laugh It Off* 

But what I'm actually feeling is;

Stop Asking Me This Question Already Will Ya? Give Me A Break!! *Cries Internally*

I'm really not looking forward to CNY next year when we all meet up and relatives start probing about life; 

But these 2 phrases really kept me going- secular and non-secular; 

Especially Jeremiah 29:11 because it really speaks to me. At many times when I feel like giving up, I know God is always here for me. In all honestly, I think I will screwed up my uni life because I still don't know what I want to do in life next time. Where do I see myself in 10 years time? I really haven't gotten a single clue. 

So, I'm not working at Clementi (Yes, freaking Clementi it's so far but I believe God placed me there for a reason) at a small events company. I'm really enjoying myself there and I've got a really really good boss. He's really understanding and he's even helping me look out for suitable courses in private universities. Really learning a lot from my workplace and it's really a good break from school/studying/tests/exams. 

Anyway, Mission Trip to Cebu was FANTABULOUS. (I'm so glad Mummy finally said yes eventually)

Sightseeing on the first day there; Visited a Catholic Church. It's really really different from what we see in Singapore. A little creeped out :/

Preparation for skit and also feeding ministry. Simple joys in life- Having food to eat. We cooked cocoa porridge for the kids to eat and they loved it so much.

Our apple (mansanas?) tree skit ^^ 

Main lead with Mama Yun the Tree!

My '22-year-old husband' for 8 days 

& Also our dance choreo-ed by Sterella (Take It All- Hillsong)

The slum kids (:

Ministry goes on, despite rain or shine; 

Sunday School at First Assembly of God Church. Taught the kids how to make this sheep thingy.
The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want- Psalm 23:1

Sunday School Teachers ^^ 

A time of Food Fun and Fellowship on the last day of our mission trip! They roasted a big fat pig for us and it's super NOMZ *drools* 

Napu+wan 2013 (: 

Made cards for them for their great hospitality (: 
Some random photos; 


Someone bring me back to Cebu..? 

This is not the end, it's just an alternative path that God's putting me through;

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