Snapshots of Life;

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Platonic Friendship;

Haven't been blogging for awhile because I've been really really busy. Even though there were some random thoughts every now and then, I had someone to talk to -a best friend. But this is different because I think it'll just make things awkward between us if I said it out. 

I've always wanted a boy best friend (Not exactly best friend but someone that's more than just a friend) because of some reasons:
  • Less dramatic (They don't make the situation already worse than it is)
  • No PMS
  • You can talk about anything, I mean really ANYTHING, under the sun (except girl stuff unless they are really open about it) 
  • Eat and grow fat woohoo buffet! NOMZ 
  • They can hep you finish your food when you're full HAHAH (This just contradicted my previous point but whatever. Eating depends on mood)
  • (Most) guys don't mind doing nothing when we go out. Just lepak and spend time together. Not even shopping. Just sitting there. And. Stone. 
There are really a lot more reason but I just can't think of them off hand. But it seems like my view has changed over the years. So out of 2 guy best friends, I've already lost one of them.
  • Had a guy best friend in Sec 3/4. Used to text every day without fail, until one of us got attached (the other eventually) and we drifted apart. 
  • This couple-friend of mine broke off because both of them had a best friend of the opposite sex 
Is it really possible to have a best friend of the opposite gender? I'm really afraid of losing mine now. I'd be more than happy if any of us finally get together with the person we like, but that friendship would not remain the same anymore. I don't think we will text each other as often and we won't be as close. Everything would be different from what it is now. We will slowly drift apart and stop texting. And eventually, I'll lose another best friend. 

Honestly, this isn't just for best friends of the opposite gender. I'm just really afraid of losing friends around me. I'm not a person who is good at texting. Even though I'll try not to say things to end the conversation like 'Haha okay', but because of this, I'd rather not reply. Or sometimes when I receive a text, I'd reply the person mentally, put the phone aside to reply the person later, and then forget all about it.

I really don't want to lose any more friends but it's not possible.. Right..?