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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Δ180; Love | Change | Free

Haven't exactly been the free-est person the past few days. School, CCA, meetings, event- Emotions flying everywhere because PMS and period is late (again) maybe because too stressed. Just hope the efforts that we put in paid off and people enjoyed the event. All for God. Amen.

Hi Hipz, you're the prettiest and the most photogenic babe ever (: 

& big thanks to Renosis for the efficient service. 

My sister so pretty
My friend so pretty too

Dom, Welcome to our family. Lillian loves you. 

Attempt at Domillian's wedding photo pose. 

Cornerstone (: 

&& special thanks to my committee and game masters. The event wouldn't even be possible without any one of you. (so much loves)

Sheryl's testimony was the BOMBZ. So proud of this (grown up big) girl who stepped up to testify God's love for her. Girl your life story made me tear everytime I read/listen to it.  "Maybe it's not about your love for me, but my love for you"

The rest of the photos are up on Facebook. Photo credits to AmosLKT (:

Some other random pictures from life;

Made strawberry/banana smoothie the other day for Kai and myself. That dude's obsession with strawberry is really up there. Dinner at Popeyes and they gave us an extra piece of chicken and fish (not in the picture). Best day ever.

Sunday lunch at NEX after Sunday School. PMS day. Mehh. Felt so sick and didn't have appetite for buffet dinner so played with food.

This is actually red tissue paper, sprinkled with some sugar because I took too much sugar I'm sorry for wasting food. Merry Christmas everyone it's snowing.

Went to Ikea today with Kai to get some stuff for music team retreat and he became my chauffeur yay love you. The number of photos I had to take just to get this decent looking photo is too damn high because either blur or he doesn't give a shit about taking pictures. Went back to Tamp's Carls Jr for dinner because we are fat pigs.

Yeap ok that's all. Period please come soon my mood is damn bad.

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