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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

7th Day of Christmas | Last Day of 2014 | Leader's Retreat

D'Anchor Leader's Retreat on the 26th and 27th Dec. Day one was just lepakkkkk, went out to buy groceries, back to church to prepare food, AND STEAMBOAT. Connected the laptop to the tv downstairs and watched Dark Knight Rises. Went up to stone/play Munchkin/Bridge and Brenda couldn't find her prata delivery contact so we all have no supper ): Stayed up to play Contact123 with Chinz Lil Kai Josh and Andy until we all seh and cannot contact/break contact properly.

Just Googled some Prata Delivery for future references:

Opening Hours:
Race Course Road: 11am-10.30pm daily
Dunlop Street: 9.30am-11pm daily
Syed Alwi Road: 11am-3am daily
Changi Business Park: 11am-9pm Mondays to Satudays

Need to sign up for account online.
Delivery Charges $3
Packaging Charges 5%
GST 7%

Casuarina Curry (6858 5156)
Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 10am-12mn
Weekends/Holidays: 8am-12mn

Min Order $20
Delivery Charges: Postal Code Based

So.. Conclusion: Everything super expensive so let's just go out and enjoy piping hot prata instead.


Day 2. HTHT with Ziqi after during paired devotions. It's nice to talk feelings out (: Worship and ministry sharing time after devotions and wow I'm really quite excited to move into 2015 with all the new plans for the younger ones. Lunched and headed down to Bugis for Xcape and we were late tsktsk! My team picked Vampire Diaries and it was really not baddd. The room was kinda creepy with the music playing in the background, the sudden evil laughter out of nowhere, and the lighting which was so dark we couldn't really figure what we were doing even though a mini lamp thingy was provided. Had 8 minutes less and we almost solved the room so we might have been able to escape the room if we had sufficient time. But nahh it's over~~ Still thankful for smart people in the team felt like a bimbo the whole time.

See who the selfie stick masters are and who aren't! And the random woman on the train that was caught in our nonsense "Act natural act natural"

 We were holding up out accessories that were gven for "role play" as vampires witches and werewolf. But apparently it can't really be seen SO HERE'S A CLOSE UP. (Actually I only took this picture because the things quite pretty and very step. I even looked for a white thing to use as background and found a chair.)

Accesories for roleplay. We girls were the witches bitches (:

Had session then appreciation dinner after we came back. Spammed ALOT of photos using Anthony's camera I have no idea where they are now this is quite sad. But anyway we have our very own D'AnchorLeader's tee designed by Lillian yayyyyy it's so simple yet nice (: Ordered S but it's so huge I don't have to wear pants HAHA


So I spent the past 3 days basically doing nothing but stoning and mapling. LEVEL 120 YOZ. (Add me SwaggyBlingz) I have no idea what I've done but here are some pictures

Sarah cooked dinner on Sunday and I didn't go to church had such terrible headache in the morning. Slept almost the whole day away but I think at least 2 hours were productive because I fixed a 3D jigsaw puzzle and for people who know me, I'm not someone with extreme patience. Still find it kinda therapeutic to just chuck the world aside so I'm gonna try doing up the swan one soon. 

Went to school on Monday for Comm Meeting with 2014's Exco to sorta plan for the next year. And Iskandar was talking about expectations and all. Looking forward to Esprimere's 10th year and I hope I don't screw up anything

Wanted to go to Ikea yesterday but got too lazy. And I'm supposed to be at Ikea now but still too lazy. Met the mum and sis at T1 for dinner yesterday and we are fat people as you can see what we chose to eat. Was quite full halfway so Sarah and I went out to get our shampoo/conditioner. The salesperson recommended us a new hair serum and it was 3x the amount of serum but only 1.5x the price of my essential. Hope it does our hair good (:

And some random photos because I'm clearing my memory off my phone;


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