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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Big Hero 6 | Grandma's 70th | Shopping @ Bugis | To-gather Cafe

Had an eventful past two days and I'm a happy girl (:

Caught Big Hero 6 with Kai yesterday and he was late because he wanted to wash his water bottle (like wow finally) but it's okay we still managed to catch the full movie, including the short film before the actual movie. It's so cute but couldn't find the video on Youtube.

The movie totally played with my feelings and it's so aweesomee. Found it really interesting because it had some references (or maybe it's just my brain) to other movies and yay to pretty background music (yes I was half distracted) BAE-MAX ♥♥

Felt hungry after the movie so we (more like because all mine) tried the Salted Egg Prawn curry puff thingy from OCK AND IT WAS SO GOOD OMNOMYUMZ SO FATTY. Then we headed down to SKS Bookstore at freaking 315 Outram Rd and we got half lost /sigh/ Called dad to pick us up when we're done because physically and mentally cannot take the walking anymore (weak is us). Dropped Kai at Outram MRT and then FAMILY DINNERRRRR 

Celebrated grandma's 70th birthday (they call it 七十大寿 in chinese) at Spring Court Restaurant somewhere in Chinatown and all dem good food I'm growing fat(ter). The adults booked a private room with ktv and for the first time in my life, I finally heard my uncle sing. Satisfied with everything, from the food to service (half pity our service boy because our family so nonsensical dad kept trolling him). The only thing that's bad was probably the lighting, which explains all the picture quality. 

And after all the food IT'S CAKE AND (more) PHOTO TIMEEEE! 

Awfully Chocolate Yasssss


Went back to grandma's place after dinner and we ate more noodles and eggs because some Chinese birthday tradition thing (and took more photos)

And here's a video of the brother duet of my uncle and dad (: Thank God for good genes HAHA


Overslept today and missed 8:30am Stats lecture haha shit. Supposed to have family outing at Gardens by the Bay because mum has some vouchers but checked the website and found out that the Flower Dome is closed today (what luck) so we went shopping instead HAHA. 

These are actually just flowers from outside Tamp MRT 
Was shopping at Sephora before deciding to go anywhere else so cheapo auntie me said hello to nail polish testers. Hooray to Christmas-themed nails on my left hand and none on my right. 

We then decided to head to Bugis and happy us have new clothes now! Met daddy at Eunos mrt and he drove us down to Bedok 85 for dinner!

There were 2 bak chor mee stalls side by side so we went to google which one was better. Tried Seng Hiang's one and wasn't disappointed (: 

Dessert at To-gather Cafe after dinner because it's only a block away. Tried their Walnut Brownie, Matcha Lava Cake, Earl Grey Tea and Cappuccino. The Matcha Lava Cake is to die for and we felt so sad when we were finishing it. Can't seem to find the video I took of that cake but nahh it's okay because I'll definitely return for it!!!! 

Some reasons why my mum is the cutest woman around (and it kinda explains why I'm like that) 

1. "Candid" because she's waiting for the cappuccino to arrive

2. "Oh you're taking a photo of us? Ok no face for you" 

3. "See! Lion! I'm an artist too" (she said this so excitedly, trying to point out the eyes nose mouth and mane of the lion)

This was the original latte art. 
 && this place is crazy cute, especially with all the Christmas deco around. Went around taking pictures shamelessly blocking everybody's way HAHAHA I'm sorry y'all just too excited (:

Kid's Corner!!!!


And some other pretentious photos /flicks hair flicks wrist/

Spot my green nails hehehehe cheap thrills

And finally an #ootd with the Christmas Tree! Can't wait for ours to arrive and I can stare at the Christmas tree all day err day.  

Finally, here's some other random photos I found in my camera

K bye. 

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