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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Cycling Cell Out!

Back to blogging because there are just too many pretty photos to not be posted. & I personally feel that spamming instagram is not socially acceptable. Keeping all dem memories hereeeeee (:

A supposedly YA Cycling Outing turned out to be our own cell out with FULL ATTENDANCE!! Took a bus down to Pasir Ris after service and we started cycling there, all the way to Changi Beach Park. Haven't exercised in forever and I was dying x.x Really don't remember being so tired the last time I cycled with Pea. Returned our bikes after reaching Changi Beach and it was PHOTO TIME!! 

A photo of us before we were all sweaty and disgusting

& because I'm the master of Chelle-fies (Selfies ha ha ha ha you geddit??)

Missing Clarence, Cindy, Ziqi and Daniel ):

I was on the tree hehehehehe

Then we headed to the hawker for food yaasssssss omnomnomz AND WE SURPRISED JESSICA!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GURL U IZ 20 NAO. (inserts party poppers emoji)

Photographer: Clarence
Phone Owner: Sheryl Sim
So whose fault is it that the photo is cui? 

Something to thank God about. It only started to rain (actually it was pouring) only when we were halfway through eating, and it got lighter when we were leaving so yay!

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