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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Music Team Retreat 2014! | Interstellar

A bigger-scaled music team outing/retreat finally this year from the 16th to 18th. Yay chalet at Aranda many thanks to Owen's mummy (: Had fun and work, looked back on 2014, thanksgiving, looking forward to 2015. Lillian I miss you please come back from Aussie already please.

Lepak before our first session
Session 1: Looking back on 2014, self reflection. And we now have pretty jars to put our reflections in, and also to serve as a reminder for 2015. 

I think weirdness really runs in the family. 

Disappeared for a little while during the meeting because I got a call from Esprimere Comm for a phone interview for the next committee. And a few hours later I received texts congratulating me on getting the role of the (trainee) music director, under the guidance of Max. Not exactly sure what I'm getting myself into, but really looking forward to learning new things and gaining more exposure. Especially if I really want to do music in the future, I'm quite certain that this will help me grow technically. And I'm gonna work so hard because I really hope I don't let the people down

So we had BBQ after that the session yay was starvinggggg. Rev Lek and wife dropped by to help us start fire hahahah we are such failure kids. Food was gooooood (and heaty which kinda explains why my throat is recovering so slowly). 

Mama Chef at work while the rest of us eye-power, or just waited for food. Had a good time of fellowship, disturbing people about crushes, listening to Josh's nonsensical love stories. Who the heck is Francisca!?!?!? Had to leave after BBQ to meet the adults for a segment of Christmas Service so I missed gift exchange and candle soccer. If anyone does not know what candle soccer is, you are a sad kid. Oh and I'm glad that they didn't forget about me, and I still got a gift (: 

This is candle soccer. You're supposed to burn your opponent's string to win the game.

Cute mug from Amos (: 

Reached back the chalet at 12++. Dad fetched me home to get my laptop so I could do some work at the retreat thanks daddy #bestdadaward. Played bridge for awhile - then met with the core for a(long)while to discuss about Day 2 and 3's programme - back to the room and joined the HTHT - fell asleep at about 3. 

Devotions and breakfast on Day 2. Got cereal and milk mhmmmm nomnomz. Had a short session of thanksgiving and we headed out for lunch at Subway, and out to Pasir Ris Park for games. I suck so bad at sports booooo need to exercise more. On a side note, I had really bad cramps and that is a good excuse for sucking at sports. 


Dropped by NTUC before going back to the chalet. I was D-Y-I-N-G. Walked at a pace slower than usual like super burden ): But anyway we got fruit loops for breakfast yay us. What on earth is my sister oh my goodness. 

Napped for awhile when we got back while Kai and Daniel taught the rest Munchkin. I still have no idea how that game work maybe because it's so complicated. Fell asleep hearing Kai half giving up on explaining how the game works, and woke up hearing "So now you have to roll the dice". That's how long the explanation of the game took. Dinner at Just Acia with the team, and THE FOOD SUCKS. The standard dropped so much the food is horrible. Should have eaten half-atas chicken rice instead. 

Memory failing can't remember what happened but it's kinda a bad night for me due to reasons. Mood was just so bad I think that's why selective memory loss. Made hot chocolate with Char for the team and I messed up the whole place. Like waht Chelle nobody pours milk ON THE TABLE. (I think I was drunk in emotions). Played Maple while the rest watched Transformers, then taught the people to play Jungle Speed woohoooooooo favourite game I'm the queen and Jamie is princess ^^ And Owen is the paper/water/totem destroyer EVIL. 

This is when it' still reletavely peaceful

Slept at 4 and woke up at 7 wow much rest. Breakfast, devotion and looking forward.

Gonna get the whole team's thumbprint before pasting it up in our Prayer Room. Then we had a mini auction on leftovers. Got hot chocolate powder and mini marshmallows GUYS WE'RE READY FOR COUNTDOWN PARTY. 

Met Cynt with Kai for lunch at Tamp, went home and crashed for 3 hours. Woke up and wanted to see the doctor but the clinic was closed ): And my mood just went downhill from there. Overthinking about life and stuff /sighpieflycry


8.30am Econs lecture on Friday. LAST LECTURE OF THE YEAR (even though I missed almost 30% of lectures already). Met Kai in town for lunch and then Interstellar because our initial Hobbit plan got wrecked by Andy but Interstellar was good too. Half confused during the movie with the whole concept of time travel and dimensions. 3 hours didn't feel like 3 hours. Got distracted at some points because I was focusing more on he background music chords rather than the show (lol brain pls). Went down to Sengkang after the movie to meet the cell. Dabao-ed Pizza Hut from compass and went to Sheryl's. Someone remind me not to buy Pizzas from them again please. Wings are fine though. Gift exchange, jungle speed, saboteur, and Sheryl fetched us home.

WHY DID WE NOT TAKE A GROUP PHOTO AGAIN? It's okay, photo of movie stubs (: 


  1. omg why chalet got monkey one?!

    1. We were at Pasir Ris park playing games then got monkey digging trash for food!