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Saturday, 10 January 2015

A Week into 2015

Just got reminded why I didn't had time to update this space as I was typing the post title:

Countdown | Spring Court | Mustafa x Town | FUSE-day |Early Birthday Meet Up x Belated Christmas Dinner | Inauguration Service | Combined Cell In

And that's not all yet. & that's a little too long to be a title so changed it to the current one instead.



Spent countdown in church this year with my favourite bunch of nehnehs and it was also Ps Pat's last day noooooooo I'm gonna miss him )): Headed over to my place after countdown and special thanks to the 2 dads that drove us home (: Watched Parent's Trap until 4am, Then played cards and jungle speed. Lillian is the new princess while I'm still queen yassssss. Konked out at about 6am and woke up at 10ish (why body clock you like that). And napped at 6pm again and screwed up my body clock.

Stole the pictures from SKMC's Facebook I'm such a genius

Had Music Team Core meeting on Friday and since Ken took a photo, I shall post it here too HAHA

Spring Court;

Went back to Spring Court again and grandma's treat because she had $60 voucher from her birthday celebration the other day but still spent over $200 ultra wowz. The food was really good but the SiChuan soup wasn't really worth the money because it tastes like campbell soup. 

This is one of their signature dishes- POPIAH. It's actually reallyyyyy gooood and we would have ordered more if we weren't so full .

WALAH. DESSERT TIME. The manager recommended us their durian ice cream. It turned out to be durian icecream with a scoop of puree and bubur pulau hitam (I had to google this because I don't know how to spell the dialect of this lika orrrr chupp) and it was SOOOOOOOO DELICIOUSSSSS. Everyone was so full but we were stuffing ourselves with it to make sure the cup was clean. Too good to be true manz.

Hi parents you 2 really very cute I like. 

Headed down to SGH to visit my (other) grandma because she fell and fractured her hips (again T.T) I have no updates since the operation because mum didn't really talk about it but no news means good news right? *inserts praying emoji*

Went to church on Sunday and we had our first RBS of the year. Many thanks to relationship team who planned all the wonderful games. Met the cell team after RBS to discuss stuff and curriculum, then headed down to Scape for PK Night dance prac. 

Mustafa x Town;

Met Angela on Monday for lunch and we brought a +1 but mine is Sarah. Angela & Darrick joined us for our shopping at Mustafa because she haven't been there before. We wanted to get photo frames but there weren't the type that I was looking for and I ended up spending $50 on chocolates. Went down to town after that while A&D left for the hospital. Sarah wanted to buy bikini and this sling bag but apparently mummy was in a bad mood and we weren't willing to splurge, so we ended up buying a pair black flats for $7 as it was on sales and they had our size. Dinner at Saizeriya and I treated the sister because she was so sad.

And now I really want this $40 top sighpie why are clothes so ex. 


FUSE is now on Tuesdays and I managed to worship half silently because vocal rest please. The message was a little confusing I have no idea what happened. But I was in my own happy bubble yay me (: And yay to (almost) #SayauSarawak reunion. Abz Da Selfie Queen~

Early Birthday Meet-Up; 

So Nicholas tried to jio us out for this early birthday celebration but this group of friends too busy so we can't have a proper meal together as a full team. But glad that we are still going strong just from that one week of NCO Camp. I have no idea how I became part of this trumpet section but I'm happy that I'm part of this wonderful circle of friendship ((: 

Thanks Nic for the edit hahahahaha

Belated Christmas Dinner;

Finally met my girls for our belated Christmas Dinner (: Secret Santa as always and this year Joycelyn is mine and I'm Pearlyn's. Dinner at The Hangar was GREAT (bold and underline because it's that good). I had lamb, Joy had Steak- medium rare, Pea got fish and Danling got chicken We also shared a cheese platter and blu cheese is really mah luveeeee. Had a really awesome time talking shit with this girls and being pretentious and shit. FLAT LAY AH GIRLS FLAT LAY. 

IMO: Lamb > Steak > Fish (but portion is a little small) -> Chicken

The very cute cake-on-a-stick from Danling (: 


Pea's Taobao loots hehehe thanks gurl (L) 

Joycelyn brought her new selfie stick and we had alot of fun playing with that thing and failing quite badly. Here are some of the less unglam photos. 


Dropped by Trackers Boot Camp to find Lillian and Owen to discuss some cell stuff and was glad to see some of my batchmates around yayyeeerrrrz. 

Introducing Reg and Zii- Mentors fr Team Cebu #ggwp


Trackers 2014 Inaug service- Congratulations Lil and Owen on officially starting your Trackers Journey. I am a Tracker. I am on a journey of faith. 


Sayau Sarawak. Missing Ephraim, Shannon, Abz ma and Jialing. 

Combined Cell In;

Had our first cell meeting of 2015 and we met our new/existing kids. Played games and it was so chaotic. Hope this year would be a good year of walking with God and one another and I hope this cell will forge bonds that will never be broken because God is a constant in their lives. Looking forward to the next cell meeting on 16/1 (: 

To end off this blog post. Here's a video of Mimi showing hate to my marker:

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