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Monday, 12 January 2015

Kairah's Birthday | O Level Results

Failed to surprise Sarah and Kai because they are such trolls. Tricked us into thinking that they were still figuring out their destination when they were already on the train so they ended up at his house earlier than us. But at least Char and I got our Llaollao so wtv /flicks hair flicks wrist/. The queue really looked like 5-10 minutes and I really have no idea why it took as long as Somerset's.

Mama and Papa Lek made dinner (I think Zii helped too). The roasted chicken was really awesome omnomz and I was just so bloated after everything. Kai tried to pop champagne and failed so Zii took over while he took cover.

After dinner it was time for presents! But we had no cakes so the parents went out to get a red velvet cake from Cedele. Got Sarah a sling bag from H&M and Converse for Kai. Then it was photo timeeeeeeee (:

The boys don't give a shit. 

Stoned for a (long) while after everything and Rev Lek sent us back yayyy ^^ Conclusion of the night: Fish eye lens blurs up everything. 


Had dinner at Big Eater to celebrate Sarah's birthday with the family. Wasn't really in the best mood so pictures were all taken by Mandy. Food was good except the frog leg which was kinda meh because it was a little too tough. Still prefer St 81's frog legs. Oh and the crystal horfun was also very thick compared to the normal horfun so unless you like starchy food, you wouldn't enjoy it (like us). Mum bought Sarah a super gay looking cake which turned out to be a rainbow cake (surprise!) and we all were more excited to take pictures of the cake than to eat it.

 Crabs here never fail. Love love love their salted egg and the black pepper crabs (oogly eye emoji)

The super sweet gula melaka drink that's kinda nice but die-betes. 


Today 's the release of O Level results and I'm so proud of my sister for not failing her O's. Had a mini celebration with the family at Ayam Penyet President in Century Square basement. The food is really not bad but surprisingly the signature ayam penyet isn't thaaaat good. Spent about $50++ and I think it's quite worth it (:

My newly painted nails using Sephora's tester (again)


  1. THE CAKE DAMN CHIO!!!!!!! and i've always wanted to go to that ayam penyat place everytime i walk past haha

    1. Hahahaha my mum bought that cake! And that ayam penyat really not bad we can go together next time!

  2. your sister's cake looks SO GOOD