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Friday, 20 February 2015

PK Night '15

It's been almost a month since I've updated this space. Have been really really busy with school, church and all, especially preparing for Esprimere's PK Night which was on 10th Feb. It was crazy practice in that one month of preparation that we had. Going down to Scape every Sunday and picking up dance moves from the rest during our free time because my lectures crashed with our practice timing definitely wasn't easy. It was a great experience learning new things like singing and dancing at the same time, and arranging mash ups to be performed. Our win that night was very unexpected and the whole group was shocked/surprised/wow-ed/etc. But I guess what mattered the most was the friendship formed and that can never ever be taken away from us (:

MAKAN TOGETHER. And all the "eh help me dabao food" times. Also not forgetting us sending supper pics through whatsapp and making one another hungry at unearthly hours;

Dressing Room Frenzy; Where we all had flawless skin and strong brow game. 





Musical, ft. Dead Romeo, Juliet and Fairy Godmother;


Post Concert Photos; 

And of course not forgetting the people who came all the way down to SIM to support my first official non-band-concert (: 

Thanks Sim for this bouquet of sweetness ♥♥

A pity couldn't take a photo with Jeff Cindy and Sheryl, BUT I CHEATED BECAUSE THIS PHOTO WAS TAKEN ON SUNDAY YAY US (: 

Supposed to be studying now because prelims is next week I don't wanna die but I probably will die so haha bye // 

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