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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Chelle's 21st.

Celebrated my birthday on 2 seperate days with different people. 17th with the family at Shin Minori and 19th was my chalet. Spent my actual birthday rotting at home, then attending Esprimere's AGM at night.

Shin Minori;

Had ala carte buffet at Shin Minori and it was honestly not bad. Most of the food were really up to standard and we paid $37++ per pax if I'm not wrong. The only downside to it was that we had to make orders through the ipad and Sarah got annoyed halfway through because it kept crashing. Service was good and the food came relatively fast. Mum got me a durian rosette cake from Four Seasons Durian and it's guuuuuuuud tho the layer of cream could be thinner.

Soft Shell Crabs were a little too salty



Rainbow Maki Roll (: 

Salmon Skin Salad ((((:

Pumpkin Chawanmushi that doesn't look appetising but it actually tastes good

I was a happy girl because I ate half a plate of this by myself in addition to another half that I already ate hehehehe

This was probably less than one-third of what we ate in total omnomnomz. Definitely will return.

Using 2 hands because the durian was so frozen I couldn't cut through

Grandma (: 

Dad (: 

Family (: 

Aunt that don't look her age

UNCLE AND PLUS 1 (I still don't know what to call her it's quite awkward yas)



21st Birthday @ NSRCC;

Honestly felt so blessed to be able to celebrate my 21st with all my different group of friends. And all these wouldn't have been possible without many them. Especially my parents, from booking the chalet, to ferrying me around. 

So first, a few pictures of the lovely place and a solo pic :)

If anyone's wondering.. My cake was made from scratch by Chef CharzWong and Sous Chef DeliaWong, and I got my cakepops from 1 Baker Street (@1bakerstreet) The layer of chocolate was a little too sweet but just one is still fine (:

And now some thanksgiving messages; 

Hongjie: Thanks for being in my life for the past 12 years. You're the one I know that I can turn to no matter what crap is happening in my life. Very very glad that even though you're the only one from CZPS who could make it, you still turned up because I wanted to see your face HAHA. And many many many thanks for your present. I promise it'll have its solo dedication on Instagram soon ok. Now I stress idk what to get for your birthday (please send some hints yo)

Loyaltians: Can't believe I'm calling you all Loyaltians but there's where we first met. I'm still glad that we keep in touch and meet up every now and then. It hasn't been the smoothest friendship but I'm glad for what we are today. Thanks for tolerating all my nonsense and my noise level. You people are the ones who seen me through my ahlian days. People keep calling me ahlian but they don't know who I was in the past. Loving the necklace you girls gave. Gonna wear it out one dayyyyyy. & the bottle of wine Jon gave is now in my alcohol cabinet (: Looking forward to celebrating Pea's birthday!
& Special thanks to Danling who liaised with the cake pop people. It turned out so pretty and half the credit goes to you (:

415: Glad that you people could make it. And no photo with Wanting because she came SOOOOOO late HAHAHA. Thankful for you people who made JC more bearable. Especially my girls. And bitching sessions would be so different without you people. Special thanks to Hubert who helped me arrange my birthday banner when it half fell down. Your height always comes in handy in times like these.

SAYAU SARAWAK: Half the team isn't here because Phay is in UK (sobs), Ephraim is overseas, &Abz and Ma has school. BUT IT'S OK I KNOW YOU GUYS STILL LOVE ME. You people are such awesome spiritual support, especially for that 3 months together, and the following few more months when we meet up fortnightly. Seeing you guys 5 days a week, and 24/7 for an entire week in Sarawak. Really blessed to know you people and WE NEED TO MEET UP WHEN PHAY IS BACK.

Krux: Even though it has only been half a year since I met you guys, but uni life won't be the same if I haven't met you all. Glad our chat still revives every once in awhile, and I'm thankful for people who make all my 3 hour lectures so much more bearable, for people who drive and send us to places, and also for people who look out for one another so much (: Looking forward to Yan's 21st, and future outings to come! EVERYONE JIAYOUS FOR FINALS WE CAN DO THIS! & xiexie for the wallet! HEN CHIO ^^

Churchies: The people I see almost 3 times a week, sometimes even 4. And I'm not complaining at all. I'd be even happier if I see you people more than that. I'm at a loss for what to type because there's just so much to say. But it's okay, I'll be seeing you guys for the rest of my life. Because BFFs 5EVA YO. I'm really really really thankful for this bunch who will point out the nonsense that I'm doing in my life that doesn't glorify God. And yes, thank you for those who chipped in for the bag. Really love it alot.

Thanks Char for volunteering to make my cake from scratch because you say it's not worth it to buy from outside. I know you still spent alot on it and I really really lovvvveeeeeee you for your $$ and effort spent. Not sure how to make it up to you, but to give you more love. & Thanks Delia for being her sous chef, helping her to reply me. Hehehehe you girls are so cute.

Thank Sissy for accompanying me to do last minute shopping, and also for doing up the deco!! Even though it dropped because the material can't really stick, but I thought it was beyond beautiful. You don't know how touched I felt when you showed me the photo already. And I'm sure many people thought that it's very pretty too. Thanks for always knowing what I like, all the gay gay stuff, and you tolerate with my nonsense even though you're so basic. I'll make it up to you for your 18th birthday. NO PROMISES THAT IT'LL BE PRETTY BUT I'LL TRY.
Ps. Crepe paper and double sided tape don't go well together. Lesson learnt the hard way. 

Thanks Kai for making 2 trips down to collect my cake pops due to some miscomm. And coming down early to set up the place, moving tables and sofas, and ended up crashing on one of the sofas. And also thanks for taking care of me when I died after too many drinks.

Thanks Jan for the sparkle candles. Or else my cake will have no candles LOL. The whole effect turned out pretty kool yas (:

Thanks Daniel for your camera, and Darrel for being my photographer for the night. Pretty satisfied with all the photos hehehehehe. You can be officialy photographer for future church events already (:

AND FINALLY, THIS IS MA PARENTZ. Grabbing food outside from the buffet line while everyone else was singing birthday song for me. #familygoals
(Btw, buffet catering's from Pattaya Gardens and many people feedbacked that the food is good. Plus point: It's halal!)

Don't even know if they're gonna see this, but if they happen to stalk my blog for one reason or another: Thank you mummy and daddy, for taking care of me for my past 21 years. Always giving me the best, even though I'm not the best daughter you two can have. Even though you aren't the "perfect parents", but I'm very grateful that God made me your daughter. I love you two ♥

Sorry to those whom I missed out because I'm blogging at 1am in the morning :x


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