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Monday, 16 March 2015

叔叔's ROM | Kai's Grad Show

So my uncle signed the marriage certificate on the 15th Day of CNY (5th March). Very smart because don't need to give angbao like that. And apparently my parents did the same thing many years back too. But it's okay, because I'll have an extra angbao yay! The photos too cute man too cute I cannot tank. (Ps. All photos uploaded were taken with an iPhone6+)


Kai's grad show was on the 14th. Didn't get to see him perform live because we were late due to some circumstances /sighpiefly/ Still feeling a little bitter about it but it's okay I'll learn to let it go. Anyway Rev Lek took a video of his performance so we still got to see it so I guess that's alright too. 

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