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Friday, 8 May 2015

April Updates xx

It's finally Friday and I'm done with 3 papers so there's only Math1 and BMGC left but let's talk about finals another day. So April was rather eventful though I thought that I'd have zero social life until finals but didn't have time to update this space until now so it'll be longgggggggg with lots of overdued photos! :)

Found The Musical | Josh's Birthday | Pea's 21st | MEP BBQ | Jason's Birthday | Creamier | 叔叔's Birthday

Found was an original evangelistic musical put up by Trackers 2015 and so we were there to support Owen and Lillian on the 27th March and some of the rest went on 28th. Kudos to the team who pulled off such an amazing musical and I think it really touched the hearts of people "I super treasure you!" Only manage to get a photo with MarieAnn TuAn and Reg and the quality isn't the best but it's still a memory worth keeping right? /shrugs shoulders/ 


Celebrated Josh's birthday on 2 occasions. Cindy bought cake to church and we sang him a birthday song after Maundy Thursday Service. Charmian planned a secret 'Dinner For 2' for Josh We set up Sarah's room to look abit fancier but we didn't need to put in much effort as her room looks really pretty already. The rest cooked lagsana and soup for dinner and we toasted Dr Oetker pizzas for ourselves. Got Josh's favourite Hokkaido moomoo cake from NEX and I think he loved it. Surprise dinner (sort of) success! 


Steamboat and home made cheese platter to celebrate Pea's 21st at my place. Joy and Jon came a little later so they bought balloons and Oreomisu from EmiCakes nomnomz it's nice (: Spammed alot of photos using my curtains as backdrop because it looks quite atas ^^ Jon's selfie/self timer skills improved. ANY TAKERS? HE WILL BE A GOOD OOTD PHOTOGRAPHER FOR YOU HAHAHA

Mummy came home in time to take a group shot for us (: 

(After many attempts of self timer-ing)
Danling just sent this to the group recently hahahaha thought this is quite funny.

This is the non-pretentious shot of the actual thing

BBQ at Lex's places with the MEP peepz. It has been a long time since we met up. A great time of catch up and Mr Loh shared alot of chungcheng happenings ever since we graduated. But there isn't alot he could share because he flew off to Boston for further studies soon after. Introduced Jungle Speed to them and we illegally played at the pit area after lights out. Looking forward to the next meet up! 


Anthony bought Jason a cake during mincomm and the cake was quite good hahaha. Celebrated his belated birthday on 19th at dtf and we made him a pretty photo collage using Ikea's giant corkboard and he hung/pasted it on his wall beside his bed whoooo feeling so honoured :)))


Needed a break from studying and also happy food because the stress was killing me so bad I felt quite depressed. Went to TPY for dinner with Kai and Andy at Saizeriya and took bus 231 to Creamier for dessert. Paid $6+ per person for 2 plates of waffles and 2 scoops of icecream. Their earl grey was so good definitely going back for it again. Because it was a Friday night, the small shop was crazily packed. It was pouring quite heavily prior to our visit and we couldn't sit at the tables or playground outside, so we settled for the pavilion nearvy that was less wet. Stone tables and chairs ftw. 


Celebrated my uncle's birthday on 25th at my aunt's place. She prepared salmon, lamb, fries and prawn salad in a honeydew she harvested from the garden downstairs. Yes, harvested. Grandma couldn't join us because she caught a cold ): Cake was Strawberry Shortcake from Four Leaves and they never disappoint. Mummy was camera shy as usual so she isn't in any of the photos. 

The wife ♂♀


The nieces. AKA US. 

Selfie stick FAIL

My family is SO weird but love love love them to the max ♥♥


Back to mugging for finals k bye xoxo

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