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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Chelle Gets Braces | Suki-Ya @ Marina Sq

A month ago my mum told me about this program that BioMers/SimpliClear was offering and I had a chance to get free invisalign braces! Went down to MidView City for an interview with the orthodontist anddddddd I GOT FREE BRACES TREATMENT!! All costs will be covered except non-braces treatments (ie x-rays, extractions and cleaning). Feeling so blessed (':

Went down to Smileworks @ Paragon and met my orthodontist, Dr Geraldine Oh, this morning to do the initial braces stuff. Did the molds for my teeth, took many photographs and 3 x-rays.The best news I've heard today is that I do not have to do any extractions and we can leave my wisdom teeth alone for now. Let's just hope that my wisdom teeth stay in my gums forever and not bother me. Gonna put on braces next month and I really can't wait even though it will mean eating porridge for soft food for the next few days. Spent $160+ for the x-rays today and there will be another round of x-rays at the end of the entire treatment. Hope that's all I'll be spending hehehe.

Met Hongjie for lunch and he was sooooooo lateeeeeeeee. Supposed to meet him at 11 BUT HE WAS STILL AT TAMPINES AT 11. So I walked down from Paragon to Cityhall to kill some time, met him at the mrt station and headed to Marina Square for 1-for-1 Suki-Ya Buffet! $18.90++ for 2 people so Hongjie gave me $12 and asked me to keep the change so I paid $10 woohoooo so worth it.

Featuring the watch Hongjie gave me for my 21st birthday (:

Roamed around Marina Sq and Suntec for around 2 hours until we got really bored and went back to Tampines for Black Ball. Stoned there until his friend appeared, then got dinner for Sosh and headed home.

Saw this monster moving at ToysRUs and got a shock of my life LOL
Red bean Shaved Ice/Black ball Shaved Ice. 


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