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Thursday, 14 May 2015


I've been looking forward to 13th May 2015 because that's the end of my misery for the year. Just as I thought I was done with finals, UOL screwed up and my friends and I woke up to an email:

We have to retake Stats1 paper just because the university screwed up big time. I don't understand why they can't find an alternative method to get over this, such as bringing down the base marks and take it that they did not test us on using statistics table this year, then converting it to 100%. I'm just feeling really disappointed right now, not understanding why we, students, should be bearing the consequences of such a stupid mistake made by the university. 
Moreover, even our invigilators were stupid enough to not provide the distribution table when so many candidates asked for it. Some even gave smart alec replies like "Oh these are common values you should have memorised them" 

THIS is only ONE page of the statistics table. AND YOU EXPECT US TO MEMORISE VALUES?! Oh why not I just go join the Guinness World Record to recite the value of Pi.
And why wasn't anyone in London awake at that time? If there's an emergency hotline, then there should be someone on "guard duty", to be available to answer all queries. Or else isn't that hotline quite redundant? Just cut the line and throw your phone away alright? 

But even after saying all these, we still have to suck it up because life is like that and retake that damn paper. There's nothing much we can do except to go stick our heads back into books and start practicing and mugging again. But for now, just let me feel all the angst I can before I cool down and move on with life. 

If only we could do that. 

//moving on with life//

The first 2 weeks of May was quite a happening one, considering that I've to mug for finals. 

Wanting's 21st | FUSE | Mother's Day Dinners | Post-Finals Celebration

Dropped by Wanting's place for her birthday celebration on the 2nd. Had some good homecooked food and her cake was so beautiful oh my should have taken a picture of it. Spammed some photos because we were just being us hahaha. Looking forward to our next meet up and I really hope it's before Wynn's birthday celebration. 

Attended FUSE on the 5th even though I had  my first paper on the 6th (and it's Econs) but God is always faithful and true. Felt the peace even though I wasn't really prepared the paper and it was such a fruitful session. God reminded me of Psalms 23:4 

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil
For You are with me
Your staff and Your rod they comfort me;

Very blessed to be in the presence of God, and to know that the Sovereign One is in control of my life. 


Celebrated Mother's Day on 2 occasions. Dinner at 姑姑's place on Saturday night with my paternal and maternal grandmother, and dinner at home on Sunday night by Chef Daddy Koh. Oh, Sarah and I made breakfast for the mother on Sunday morning too (: 

It was like a potluck dinner but I, being the lazybum, did not contribute to anything except my presence. I guess it's enough right? HAHA

Toasted garlic bread, cooked eggs and meat patty that degenerated because I defrosted it for too long. Sarah made orange juice and arranged the food nicely while I went to shower.

Daddy whipped up a sumptuous dinner- Salad, mushroom soup and codfish for appetiser; Ribeye and roasted chicken for main course; Chocolate chip icecream with strawberries for dessert. It was twas a good night (:

Ended our (supposedly) last paper on 13th so Stacy and I decided to go to Ikea for our celebratory lunch and we did our mincomm material. Left Ikea at about 6 to beat the traffic and we reached Sengkang rather early. Got myself a froyo in a cone as I had been craving for that since Sunday. Min comm was alright, We ended up HTHT-ing and not doing material but we had a really good talk. Just wished everyone was present though. 

Some other random photos;

There was this week where I studied at Macs 3 days in a row, and I had constipation. Macs isn't good for my health. *Note to self*

Studied with Stacy after Math and Stats paper at the airport and we got a little distracted before we went to get lunch at PastaMania. Got chased out of Sbux on Monday and they said a nationwide policy of no studying after 2pm has been implemented so we gotta find another place to study. 

Found a new study spot without tables and this random couple walked past us. We had a small conversation with this super nice lady who is working in the HR circle, and she encouraged us to study hard, telling us that even with a 2nd lower, there are still huge job prospects out there. After awhile, a mini appeared on my study guide. There is hope (':

Oh and if anyone is interested in UOL grading, Queenie sent this to us some time back!

Honestly, I'm really really thankful for this period of exam because I get to see how God fulfills His promises. I had Stacy by my side for every single paper and we got to say a little prayer before we sit for the papers. Now, it's time to enjoy life for awhile before I get back on doing Stats pyps. 

Sarah did this. 

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