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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Joycelyn's Graduation | ZiiChar's Birthday

Went down to TP on Thursday because Joycelyn had her graduation ceremony. Reached at around 4, and roamed around a little as I was lost. But Joycelyn and Sarah found me eventually so yay. Wanted to do my brows with Sarah after that but didn't do it in the end because there was another place that's cheaper. 

The clique celebrated Zii and Char's belated birthday on Sunday. The rest went for lunch, followed by Tramp Park @ Serangoon (Skyhigh). Had jamming with Kaixin and Cheryl because my back still hurts and I can't afford to injure it any further. They said that there were too many people and they prefer AMPed @ Katong. Headed down to Skyhigh to meet them at 5 after they were done jumping, then walked over to Chomp Chomp for dinner. We ordered huge ass drinks for $3 each and Jason got grass jelly in a swaggy bucket cup. Food was good and Chelle is happy. 

Went over to Oblong for icecream and waffles after dinner. Told the staff that it was my friends' birthdays and wanted to give them a surprise so they served the waffles/icecreams with candles and the happy birthday sign thingy. Ordered Red Velvet Waffles/Lemon Pie Ice Cream/Maple Syrup for Zii and Earl Grey Lavender/Butterscotch for Char. Personally felt the lemon pie tasted really weird but the guys liked it, and would prefer Creamier's earl grey. NTS: Butterscotch > Maple syrup

Kai and I shared 2 scoops of icecream - Rocky Road and Rum&Raisins. The rum&raisins was good but Rocky Road was just so-so, maybe because it was quite frozen. If I were to return, it would be because of the red velvet waffles with cream cheese (they're really generous with the amount of cream cheese!!)

Sent Lorraine off on Monday morning as she heads to Thailand for a week of mission trip. Hope she has interesting stories to share when she comes back. Sat awhile at Coffee Bean because Sally wanted coffee and it was too early for lunch. Discussed some plans about going to Bangkok for a short retreat and I really wish this will happen!!! Stacy was sick so she went home first, then had lunch with Kai at 4fingers. THEIR DRUMSTICKS SHRUNK I AM SO SAD. Byebye 4fingers. Popeyes I'm coming back for you. 

Oh and Chinz came back from the land of kimchi and she got me and Ziqi minion socks and this headband thingy. It's so soft and fluffy I'm gonna dieeeeeeeee!! Thanks Chinz. Love the presents! ^^ 

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