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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

SKMCC Graduation Service | Lee Meng Liang Clinic

Sunday was the graduation service for the kids of SKMCC. Linette and I were talking about the kids that we taught and we realised they are already in Primary 1 this year. The YA were in charge of being waiters/waitresses, while the adults befriended the parents. It was kinda like a mini banquet session and we had fun serving food and drinks. Zii ended up being a hairstylist and he messed up Chelle Lee's hair.

My back has been hurting for the longest time ever (actually since prelims) and daddy brought me to see a Chinese physician today. He checked my back and said that the alignment was off. So he twisted and cracked stuff to adjust the bones back. Honestly, it was damn scary what if my bones break and I die but I am glad to say that I am still alive. Dad says it'll take a few days to see the effects but I really hope it'll recover asap. Had lunch with daddy at T1 afterwards and we saw this super cute mini vintage car! Had ban mian and fried dumplings from the kopitiam upstairs and it was good (: Came home and did some stuff. Applied for a job through jobstreet and I rly rly hope I get it. It's not even because I'm that broke, but it's just that the job sounds so fulfilling and it's music related.

Woke up to messages today from my mum that someone left kittens outside our house. Went to look at it and got emotionally attached even though it was less than an hour. Felt sad the entire morning because firstly, we can't keep them (Mimi is too fierce). Secondly, I think the mother cat was looking for them. But can't return them to the mother cat as she will most likely kill them due to the smell of humans. Went on an adventure and finally found the malay cat lady in my neighbourhood and passed the 3 kittens to her. Hopefully they will grow up well. 

NTS: Never, NEVER hold an animal unless you're so sure that you're gonna keep it. 

They're so young their eyes aren't even opened yet

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. 
Psalms 91:1

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