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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

SKMC Family Camp @ Malacca

Had our church camp in Malacca this year. The hotel we stay at was Kings Green Hotel City. It's kinda a nice place to stay in if you're there just to chill. There are convenient stalls and eating areas nearby but personally didn't really liked the place. They couldn't host the whole bunch of us but that's probably because it's fairly new and has little experience as of today. Buffet line had tons of variety and I was quite happy with the food. I guess my biggest takeaways from this camp were the friendships that grew deeper over the 4 days, and also the workshops. Manage priority, not time. And oh yes, grandma joining church camp with us ((((((((:

Pictures timeeeee. 

Dibo the Dragon, aka Ping's ahbeng tattoo

Werkshopz Yo. 
 Midnight poolside party with ultra bad lighting and awesome music/company ((:


Left the hotel for our final meal at a restaurant and then we headed to Jonker Street for R&R/More food/Shopping.

The durian puffs were quite mehh, unless you are the type who loves creamy fillings without "pulps". Tried their chendols and their gula melaka one was decent. But if you want durian chendol, get the one from 三叔公 (San Shu Gong)

Heh daddy's phone cover spoilt so yay special effect 

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