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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Da Colds Takes Malaysia | Kuala Lumpur

<Throwback> <To 2 months back> <I've been too busy to update this space> <lolololol>

After church camp, we drove up to KL for 2 nights, then Penang for 2, and back to KL for another night (pit stop) before heading back to Singapore. 


We stayed at 2 different hotels when in KL. Prince Hotel Residence and Millennium Copthorne. As a whole, we preferred Prince more but it was probably because of the more homely feel due to the type of room. 

Prince Hotel Residence; Mum booked an apartment sort-of room and it was just nice for 5. Sis, grandma and I shared a room, so mum and dad shared another. Complimentary breakfast in their lounge for residence guests. The spread was not bad but it obviously can't be compared to the food outside. Service staff were really friendly too (: We also used the gym and it felt so atas because you can only access it with your room key whoooo vips yo~~ Besides the usual equipment, there was another room which you can do all the other exercises. Yoga mats and other exercise stuff (like hula hoop hahaha) were provided as well. In short, it was a nice place to be. They had a mini jacuzzi circle for the pool but Sarah and I just sat there for less than 10 minutes and decided to get back to the normal pool as the pressure wasn't strong so mehh. 

Paranoma Shot of the living room. 


Millennium has a really atas feel and the moment we entered, there was the teh tarik man and he served us a nice hot milktea (This is complementary so Singaporeans go for it!!). The interior of the hotel was so beautiful that my interior design sibling was astonished and couldn't stop talking about it. The room view wasn't exactly the prettiest because we were facing a shopping mall so no pictures. Gym and pool closes rather early so we had to wait till the next morning to use it. Overall, this place is extremely visually appealing. Can't really say much about the other stuff as we only stayed here for a night. 

Pool at night lol
This insta post was taken in the hotel too


1. Street food @ Jalan Alor. (Not much pictures because too hungry)

We didn't really do our research so when we headed down to Jalan Alor, we couldn't really decide on which stall to choose from because the entire street looks almost the same. There were a number of buskers going around, and also people who were trying to sell their stuff so sitting on the outermost of the road wasn't exactly the best decision made that night. We ordered the normal zichar food and also the black hokkien mee because people were raving about it. I can only say that taste is a preference and I prefer Singapore's normal hokkien mee. 

Our walk to Jalan Alor from Prince.

My favourite busker of the night he's like the Malay version of Allen Stone

I have no idea what this is but it was good ^^

2. Char Siew Yoong @ No 23 Jalan Pudu Ulu [Closed on Thursdays!!]

This place was recommended by distant relative and we weren't disappointed. When we reached, the place was so crowded even though it was a weekday. Waited for awhile before we got a seat. 

We ordered Roasted Pork, Pig Trotters, Steamed Chicken and Char Siew. Roasted Pork (烧肉) was so good oh my the skin was so crispy and the amount of fats was just right. Favourite dish. Then it was followed by the plate of char siew. Everything about it was good, except it was a little too fatty so you could get sick from eating too much. The pig trotters was a no no, didn't like it. Steamed chicken was alright, a little tough. But if you just needed variety to fill your tummy after the roasted pork and char siew, then I guess it's a good dish to order. 

Conclusion: Roasted Pork > Char Siew > Steamed Chicken > Pig Trotters. Definitely will return again the next time I'm in KL. 

3. Foong Foong Yong Tau Foo @ 613 Jalan Merdeka, Pekan Ampang

This restaurant is rather interesting. First you park your car (they have their own mini open carpark) and head into the makan place to get a seat. Then head to the counter to order what you want and pay for it. They will then announce your order though a PA system to the kitchen and the kitchen will start preparing the food. Process is simple and quick with no confusion. Definitely coming back here again if I can. The only negative review I have about this place is that the fried stuff is very oily, but you can always take out serviettes from your bag to dab the oil off.  

NTS: Fried dumpling is a must eat!!! (Already drooling just thinking about it)

4. Loong Foong Seafood Restaurant @ 1, Jalan 20/13, Taman Paramount 

This place opens only at 4.30pm and when we arrived at about 5ish, the place was FILLED. We ordered a seafood-filled pumpkin, roasted duck (MUST EAT), and other stuff. If I don't remember it off my finger tips, it's probably not really worth eating. Oh and the sibling was craving for coffee-pork ribs for the longest time and they have it here so she was a happy girl after that. 

*Note: This place is crazy hard to find because the sign board is not very visible, and you'll probably get lost if you don't have a GPS or if you aren't familiar with KL's roads. Even my relative got lost after living there for more than a year. 


The shopping malls in KL are very similar to Singapore. Walking down the street of malls just felt like Orchard Rd so there wasn't much to shop. Sarah bought 2 tops for H&M because sales and currency exchange rate. The only mall we randomly walked in (and spent almost all our ringgit) felt like the one wholesale shop in Batam, only to find out that it's Sungei Wang Plaza, where people got their loots from. 


We skipped Petronas and Twin Tower because we weren't really interested in sight seeing (we are a family of pigs). Didn't go to Berjaya Times Square because we were there a few years back. We initially wanted to visit the Deer Park but after reading the reviews, felt that it wasn't worth the special travel down because most of the deers were gone and the place was closing down soon ): 

And more pictures of random stuff; 

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