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Monday, 1 February 2016

January 2016

January flew by in a blink of an eye. 've been so caught up with school work (finals is in May), Esprimere, church and people. Really really cherish days which I have all to myself nowadays because they are so hard to come by. Was down with high fever in the 1st/2nd week of January and I guess that's the forced-rest given by God so looking back, it probably wasn't such a bad thing afterall. 

OMB │ Kai's 21st │ Sarah's 18th │ Ahma's Birthday Celebration │ Belated Christmas Dinner w/ Girls │ Queen's 21st │ Strings Concert 

OMB w/ Anil
Checked out Oh My Bacon because one fine day during lecture we were talking about bacon ice cream and so we decided to Google and found that this place serves bacon flavoured ice cream. The place was filled with bacon quotes and merchandises and the interior gave a very homely vibed. We had our mains and was really bloated, so decided to take out our notes to study before having our dessert served. (It's actually quite a nice place to study when it's not crowded and they were nice to not chase!)

We ordered Bacon Love, Truly (the sandwich), Bacon & Egg Cup, and of course not forgetting Bacon Ice Cream on Bacon Brownie. The BLT tasted a lil funny because of the bacon jam, up till now I still can't decide if I like it. The bacon egg cups were nice loved it. And the ice cream was not bad, just that the brownie was a little jelat towards the end. 

Didn't manage to try the highly raved Bacon Bomb because Anil couldn't eat beef. Gonna try it the next time I return. 

Kai's 21st
Bought coupons for a hotpot buffet dinner at Bay Hotel for the group. This restaurant has the atas vibe and we were probably the noisiest table opps. Each of us had our own "pot" to cook our food in and I felt the concept is quite unique. Food wise, variety wasn't amazing, but there were oysters and crabs so I was really happy. They also had the usual marinated beef, chicken, pork and even pork liver mmm yummy. Good food = Happy Chelle. 

Sarah's 18th
The sibling finally turned 18th and she's legal. The prep for her birthday almost killed me. Did the backdrop from scratch and many thanks to Dan who helped out. Bought black white and gold fabric at Chinatown and went to ArtFriend to get supplies. Hot glue gun is now officially my best buddy. Glad that the sibing enjoyed it even though she said she don't like humans. Hard work paid off. Love you baby pig. 

Face damn fat and tired what even
Ahma's Birthday Celebration
To be honest, I've lost count of how old my grandmother is but I know she's born in the year of the goat before CNY. So that's either 72 or 84 but I'm guessing 84 because my mum's eldest sibling should be 60+ this year. 

The generation of cousins and their plus ones, missing a few people tho

Belated Christmas Dinner
Celebrated our yearly affair over dinner at Por Kee Eating House and we had our gift exchange. Got green tea powder and a pretty typo tumblr from Danling and I got her a Halogen Oven. It was damn funny because it's damn freaking huge and at one glance we all knew who my mortal was. Hopped over after dinner to Chapter 55 for dessert and chill time. Looking forward to crashing Danling's hall and using her halogen oven.

Queen's 21st
Celebration was held at Treehouse Villa and that place is really beautiful. Queen engaged a real photobooth company so woohoo atas quality photos! Missed her birthday cake cutting segment because we were outside eating dinner lol we are such terrible friends sorry Queen. 

Strings Concert; SIMphony VI: Misterioso
Wasn't exactly the best concert I've attended skills wise, but this concert really pulled at my heartstrings. They played Shindler's List and soundtracks from LOTR. My heart DIED. Good job strings y'all made me cri (': Now I wanna rewatch LOTR but finals is coming soon. SELF CONTROL CHELLE. 

And for some reason I can't upload my snapchat video here maybe because it's illegal and Blogger knows :/ 

Other Random Photos In My Phone
Back at MJ Open House!

Sending Isk off to UB ): 

Connection Sunday @ Blk 350

& MIMI. 

“Because at some point you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life" - Sandi Lynn

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